School Reopening Plans

  Midlands school districts reveal vaccine roll out plans for teachers, staff

School districts say they won't drop the ball when it comes to teacher vaccine plans.

Richland Two prepares for Phase 3 of reopening

All schools will continue to offer eLearning for the remainder of the 2020–2021 school year.

  R 1, R2 ready to roll out vaccine plans for teachers

Richland School Districts One and Two Superintendents said they are ready for when vaccinations begin.

  South Carolina lawmakers discuss teacher vaccine bill

Lawmakers reassured Spearman they want teachers to be vaccinated, but not before our vulnerable senior citizen population.

  Lex 1 high school community divided on decision to return 4 days face to face

The ability to social distance is a central concern for parents and teachers as they get ready for reopening.

  Richland 2 Charter School to close in June

The decision came after a board meeting on February 15.

  School in SC’s first COVID-19 hotspot proud of progress after more than 100 days of in-person learning

Kershaw County was the first COVID-19 hotspot in South Carolina.

  Lexington One high school students return to in-person learning

This plan does not impact students in the Online Learning Academy.

  Teachers close to getting planned annual increase after it was put on pause

Normally, state teachers get a salary increase every year. But because of the pandemic, the roughly 2% increase for 2020-2021 was put on hold.

  SC teacher with muscular dystrophy says returning to classroom without vaccine could be deadly

Lopez said she requested to teach virtually, but because this was denied she’s now on unpaid leave through the Family Medical Leave Act.

  SC teacher groups react to new CDC guidance on reopening schools

The report suggests vaccination of teachers is not a key prerequisite for reopening schools.

  All SC school districts now have a vaccine provider as vaccine rollout potentially nears

It comes as lawmakers debate two resolutions that would move teachers to Group 1A.

Lexington 1 hiring part-time, full-time bus drivers

The district is looking for both part-time and full-time drivers.

School districts work to get teacher vaccine plans in place

On Thursday, McMaster said 37 school districts have a plan in place while 19 have only begun talks with local health care providers and 25 districts have no plan at all.

  Spearman aims to get teachers in school vaccinated, no standardized tests for students

The state superintendent noted that the state has spent about $100 million dollars on tools to improve safety for teachers, students and staff.

  Batesburg-Leesville Elementary to go fully remote starting Feb. 2

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 2, all third, fourth and fifth graders currently learning face-to-face will switch to virtual learning.

SC for ED advocating for school staff to be prioritized in the state’s vaccine rollout plan

The teacher group hopes to accomplish this goal by taking a few steps.

  New data shows students can safely return to classrooms, teachers remain concerned

New data has education and health experts in South Carolina saying that kids are safe in school.

  Lexington 3 moves fifth-grade students, staff to remote learning due to COVID-19

The decision, according to the district, was made after several staff members were either required to quarantine due to close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 or tested positive for the virus.

  McMaster challenges Biden Administrations ‘erroneous claims’ about safe re-opening of schools

Gov. Henry McMaster is taking on officials with President Joe Biden’s administration who he says are making incorrect claims about the possibility of safely bringing students back to the classroom.

  SAFER AT SCHOOL: Superintendent cites new CDC guidelines, pushes for return to classrooms

Spearman said when it comes to COVID-19, statistically speaking, students and staff are safer in school.

  Richland One returns to hybrid learning on February 1

Schools will move out of e-learning into hybrid learning beginning on Monday, February 1, according to Richland One Superintendent Craig Witherspoon.

  LR5 students protest 5 day face-to-face learning

According to the district’s website, all students will be returning to face-to-face learning on February 1st.

  R2 teachers call out sick over COVID-19 concerns as districts return to in-person learning

Many Richland Two teachers, who did not want their name released, said they feel extremely nervous and uncomfortable returning to face-to-face instruction amidst the spike in COVID-19 cases in Richland County. They said it’s led to many teachers calling out sick today.

  Sumter School District extends virtual learning through February 1

District officials cite the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases as the reason for the decision.

  SC superintendent calls for teachers to be moved to top of phase 1b for COVID-19 vaccine

Some teachers have also expressed concern for not having paid sick leave or time off if they get the virus or have to quarantine.

  SC First Steps expands 4K program after receiving $5 million from the governor

This week, Governor Henry McMaster dedicated $5 million dollars from the Governor’s Education Emergency Relief (GEER) Fund to the South Carolina First Steps 4K program to help change that.

Teacher group urges South Carolina schools to move fully virtual in new letter

SC for Ed posted the letter to social media Sunday afternoon, citing a high spread of the virus across the state in the past two weeks.

  McMaster calls for return to in-person learning, several districts remain online after Winter Break

This latest push from the governor comes at the same time several Midlands districts have returned to virtual models for a short period of time following the winter break.

  McMaster reallocates relief funds to benefit state education programs

The governor is giving millions to the Department of Social Services, state technical colleges and early childhood education programs.

  Richland County Council, officials work to restore trust with the community

Richland County Council ushered in a new era, with five new council members being sworn in on Thursday.

Lexington Two returns to remote learning first week after Winter Break

District officials hope the week of remote learning will slow the exposure of students and staff to COVID-19.

  Mother organizes petition for LR5 schools to return to full in-person learning

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 25.

  Lexington School District One pulls plug on in-person learning after holidays

Dr. Little said district officials followed the same line of reasoning when it came to the decision to return to e-learning for the first week of January.

  ‘It’s exhausting’: Richland 2 nurses struggle to contact trace with rising COVID cases

The strain on staff and school nurses is something Superintendent Dr. Baron Davis said played a role in their decision to return to virtual learning for the first two weeks of January.

  WATCH: How SC schools are confronting the challenges of COVID-19

Here in the Midlands, several school districts are returning to virtual learning due to a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Orangeburg Co. School District will move fully-virtual following Winter Break

District leaders anticipate that some in-person instruction through a hybrid model will available again beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

  LR5 to return to virtual learning for 3 days after Winter Break

The district currently has a hybrid model for older students with younger students in class four days a week.

  Dept. of Ed to give SC schools $84 million to help reopening efforts

The funding will be allocated to districts per pupil beginning the week of Dec. 14.

  R2 cancels sports, other activities for Dec., will go virtual after Winter Break

In-person instruction will resume on January 19, 2021.

  Superintendent Molly Spearman addresses COVID-19’s impact on schools

State Superintendent Molly Spearman spoke with WIS to address COVID-19’s impact on schools.