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  My Take: Take advantage of the options available to cast your ballot in this year’s election

If you plan to vote in person, grab your mask and be prepared for long lines and enhanced safety protocols at your precinct.

  My Take: With schools reopening, districts look to ‘get back to normal’

WIS is listening to your concerns and digging deep to examine what the new school year will hold.

  My Take: Even during a pandemic, we must remember the true meaning of Memorial Day

We must never forget those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.

  My Take: WIS aims to inform residents with latest information on COVID-19

We’re in this for the long haul -- but we’ll get through this together.

  My Take: Concern for coronavirus justifiable as leaders look for answers to end pandemic

There's a lot of concern going around about the Coronavirus right now. And justifiably so.

My Take: Take precautions, but don’t panic about coronavirus

The threat of you getting the coronavirus is not high, but you do need to be informed and prepared.

  My Take: Curbing Gun Violence

Nearly one year ago, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook made a plea to state legislators to do something to help curb gun violence.

My Take: Stopping crime won’t come down to one single solution (1/3/20)

There's no one single thing is the answer to stopping violent crime in Columbia

My Take: Highlighting the success of Midlands’ educators

Recently, principals at three midlands schools were recognized for being among the very best in the state.

My Take: South Carolina roadways put lives at risk

Consumer Affairs found the worst roads in the country are in South Carolina.

  My Take: Veterans Day

Signs of the season are showing up everywhere. Christmas decorations are being hoisted along city streets, Thanksgiving plans are being made and even holiday shopping is already underway.

  My Take: Using a cellphone while driving should be illegal in SC

New legislation making would make it illegal to operate devices such as cellphones at all while driving as well as increase the penalties associated with doing so.

My Take: Serious sanctions not likely for UofSC

By all accounts, Bob Caslen is off to an excellent start immersing himself into campus life and the Columbia community.

  My Take: The South Carolina African American History Calendar

In a few months, we’ll be turning the page on a new year. That means it will be time for new calendars around the home and at the office. There are always plenty of options available.

  My Take: UofSC accreditation review

We are well into the new semester at the University of South Carolina. But a controversy from over the summer continues to hover over the campus.

  My Take: Memories of fallen officers killed in Florence shooting will live on

Thursday was a grim day for the law enforcement community.

  My Take: SC needs to improve pay, resources for teachers

This week, a new study came out that highlights the continuing struggles teachers in South Carolina face.

  My Take: Honoring our heroes at ‘Tunnel To Towers’ 5K Run and Walk

Friday, a highly important event is happening in honor of firefighter Stephen Sillerthe heart of downtown Columbia.

  My Take: We must remain vigilant and never forget 9/11

For most of us, the memories of that day in 2001 are still vivid. The coordinated attacks on our people left an emotional scar that will never fully heal.

  WATCH: 9/11 Historical Morning of Remembrance keynote speech from Lyle Schulze

As we mark 18 years since the tragedy of 9/11, South Carolina honored our fallen heroes, first responders and our military in Columbia.

My Take: Responses from former SCE&G customers regarding SCANA settlement checks

Last week, I spoke of the minuscule checks some former customers of SCE&G were receiving in the mail as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement. In some cases, the checks were so small, they weren’t even worth the cost of mailing.

My Take: Clearing up confusion on the SCANA settlement checks

We have been flooded with questions and comments from WIS viewers about refund checks from the former SCANA and SCE&G, now Dominion Energy.

My Take: Be sure to buckle up for your safety

Are you sick of seeing crashes as you travel throughout the state? We certainly are.

  My Take: Zip mergers can save a lot of frustration during holiday travel

Chances are you’ll be one of the nearly 700,000 South Carolinians expected to hit the road for extended holiday travel.

  My Take: It’s an exciting time for politics in South Carolina

Buzz over next year’s Presidential election is growing. And that has South Carolina firmly in the spotlight.

My Take: ‘Sami’s’ Law can help curtail attacks against rideshare passengers

It has been nearly three months since USC student Samantha Josephson was killed after authorities say she mistakenly got into a car she thought was her Uber ride.

  My Take: Make sure you’re weather-ready as the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season begins

Over the past week, we have consistently seen temperatures near the century mark. Schools will soon be letting out. And pools have started to open for the season. Yes, summer is here.

  My Take Guest Editorial: What Memorial Day really means

The holiday weekend is here, and as such, I’d like to take a few moments to acknowledge all those who served before me.

  My Take: Deadly shootings in the Midlands

Again and again, deadly shootings happen in the heart of the Midlands. It seems like we hear about them every day.

  My Take: The #AllOutMay1 teacher’s rally in SC was a historical moment

Wednesday was an incredible day for South Carolina educators.

  My Take: Not all are happy with UofSC’s presidential candidate search

Regardless, the announcement of the university’s 29th President is imminent.

Slain USC Upstate, Columbia native to receive posthumous degree in May

A Columbia native and USC Upstate student who was shot and killed just months before his graduation will be honored during May commencement ceremonies.

  SC senator: Elementary school fight blamed for 5th grader’s death was just small scuffle

A South Carolina state senator who represents the area where a fifth grader died after an elementary school fight last week says it was only a small scuffle.

  My Take: Severe weather can happen at any time - it’s why we FIRST ALERT

There are few things we take more pride in at WIS than alerting you to threatening weather.

  My Take Guest Editorial: Black History Month

Many history makers we celebrate during the month were great servant leaders with an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for others.

  My Take: Litter in our community gets a lot of attention

People of the Midlands are fed up with trash all along our roads and say something must be done. Here are just a few of the many comments we received.

  My Take: More violence in Columbia

This time, a 21-year-old man’s life was cut short after being shot at a gathering on Gervais Street. Darold Dantzler the second was killed and two others were hurt. As of this recording, no arrests have been made.

  My Take Guest Editorial: Blight is a big issue in Richland County

My name is Joyce Dickerson. I am a member of the Richland County Council. I would like to respond to continuing concerns about trash in our community. Sadly, blight is a major issue in Richland County.

  My Take: Who is going to do something about the trash along SC roadways?

We've spoken to leaders who acknowledge the problem. But right now, the threat of fines doesn't seem to be a deterrent.

  My Take: The developments of the Allen Benedict Court tragedy

Two men were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. In the aftermath, hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate the complex for temporary shelter. It’s a nightmare that isn’t over yet.

  VIDEO: Cafeteria workers have impromptu dance party

When that feeling hits you, sometimes you just need to bust a move!The cafeteria workers at East Robeson Primary in Lumberton, NC did just that to make their workday a little more fun.