DHEC: More than 100 independent pharmacies added as vaccine providers

In rural areas, many residents struggle to use the internet and often do not have access to a car or bus to get to vaccination sites.

  SC opens phase 1b of vaccine rollout; here’s a full list of who’s eligible

  High risk South Carolinians hopeful as vaccine eligibility widens

  Teachers, school districts begin acting on vaccine plans after Phase 1B announcement

  HISTORIC MILESTONE: Over 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in S.C.

  Lexington Medical has open COVID-19 vaccine appointments

  South Carolina teachers trekking north to get vaccinated

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  SC will get 41,000 J&J vaccine doses this week, DHEC says

State officials open new COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Spartanburg

  DHEC running rural vaccine clinics, ready for J&J vaccine

  Midlands school districts reveal vaccine roll out plans for teachers, staff

  Fact or Fiction: Do COVID survivors still need the vaccine?

  Kershaw Health helps residents without computers register for COVID vaccine

  R 1, R2 ready to roll out vaccine plans for teachers

Richland School Districts One and Two Superintendents said they are ready for when vaccinations begin.

  FULL VIDEO: WIS Special Report gets answers to pressing vaccine questions

The WIS COVID-19 Vaccine Team works hard to answer as many viewer questions as possible about the vaccine.

DHEC launches program to vaccinate homebound residents

After scheduling an appointment, Phase 1A homebound individuals will have a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse visit their home and administer the shot.

  DHEC: 1A Demand for vaccine will determine when SC moves to Phase 1B

Dr. Linda bell says DHEC isn’t looking at the percentage of people who received the vaccine already but rather the amount of demand that remains for the vaccine from those in Phase 1A.

  Gov. McMaster encourages private businesses to open vaccine sites

  Prisma Health launches mobile vaccination for rural and underserved communities

  DHEC director: South Carolina could be ready to move to Phase 1b in 2-3 weeks

  South Carolina lawmakers discuss teacher vaccine bill

  Families grow frustrated as nursing home visitation remains restricted despite COVID vaccine

  COVID-19 vaccine side effects could impact mammogram results

  Calls for prioritizing those with pre-existing conditions for the COVID-19 vaccine grow

One Columbia man with spinal muscular atrophy is calling for high-risk individuals to be moved up in line.

  SC still struggling to get adequate vaccine supply for appointments

The supply shortage was made worse by the crippling storms across the nation, which delayed shipments.

  City officials address COVID-19 vaccine concerns in AARP Town Hall

DHEC Director Edward Simmer said that part of the problem over the last week was shipment delays due to the inclement weather around the country.

  Non-residents seeking vaccines in South Carolina

DHEC does not have a residency requirement for vaccine administration and in a call with journalists on Wednesday, State Epidemiologist Linda Bell said she was not aware of any plans to institute one.

  Publix opens more pharmacies for vaccine appointments in SC

Citizens currently eligible for the vaccine can make an appointment.

  Vaccine appointments for Gamecock Park moved on Thursday, Feb. 18

Due to weather, Prisma Health has moved all Gamecock Park appointments for the day.

  Vaccine distribution delays continue in SC as winter storms slam the US

DHEC attributing those possible delays Thursday to the snow falling in the Memphis area, where the main distribution hub is located.

  Lawmakers discuss bills to move teachers to Phase 1A of vaccine rollout

Legislators remarked that it’s a tough issue trying to decide who should go should go first in line with there being such limited supply right now.

  New SC vaccine data shows gender, racial gaps in vaccine administration

DHEC is in the process of re-evaluating its distribution of vaccines within the state to make doses more readily available to rural and minority communities.

  SC doctors say side effects from COVID-19 vaccine are normal

Dr. Albrecht says the younger you are, the stronger your immune system, which means you’re more likely to experience symptoms, like soreness, fatigue, chills headaches and fevers.

  DHEC: COVID-19 vaccine shipments to S.C. could again be delayed due to weather

Officials said the delays to S.C. and other southeastern states are most likely to occur Feb. 16 and Feb. 17.

  SC teacher with muscular dystrophy says returning to classroom without vaccine could be deadly

Lopez said she requested to teach virtually, but because this was denied she’s now on unpaid leave through the Family Medical Leave Act.

  VAX FAQS: Answering your questions on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Anyone with known serious allergies should consult their doctor before getting the vaccine.

  Hundreds of SC veterans get COVID-19 shots at mass vaccination clinic

The Columbia VA Healthcare System partnered with the University of South Carolina to pull the large-scale vaccination clinic together in just one week.

  People with underlying health conditions await vaccine in S.C. while other states move ahead

A woman says the supply of the vaccine needs to be increased, and people who are truly at risk of death need to be vaccinated, not just people who are at risk of being exposed.

  Columbia VA hosts vaccination clinic for veterans at Colonial Life Arena

Any veteran who is 65 or older can call to make an appointment to get vaccinated at the clinic.

  Possible heavy rain Monday moves Prisma Health vaccinations from Gamecock Park

Appointments will be honored at their same time at the new location.

Bishopville clinic providing free COVID-19 vaccine by appointment for eligible citizens 65 and up

The free vaccinations will only be provided by appointment only. No walk-ins will be accepted.

  All SC school districts now have a vaccine provider as vaccine rollout potentially nears

It comes as lawmakers debate two resolutions that would move teachers to Group 1A.

Disaster response contractor activated to help with South Carolina’s vaccine rollout

South Carolina is getting some outside help for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

  ‘From totally unacceptable to unacceptable’: Health experts say COVID cases in SC are declining

The new, daily COVID-19 case numbers reported by the Department of Health and Environmental Control in the second week of February are about four times lower than some of the data reported in January.

  Thousands of vaccine-eligible S.C. residents don’t have driver’s licenses, prompting access concerns

Thousands of vaccine-eligible South Carolina residents don’t have a license and others can’t get themselves to vaccine appointments, so now some are asking the state for help.

  DHEC board hears plan that would shift vaccine doses to rural counties, away from cities

On Thursday, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s board heard a plan that would dramatically shift the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine doses throughout the state.

  Prisma Health moving vaccine sites for some with appointments in Columbia

Appointments already scheduled at Baptist Parkridge and Richland hospitals will soon move locations.

DHEC permits providers to give vaccine outside of phase eligibility in order to avoid waste

Vaccine providers are allowed to give doses to people who are outside of the phase eligibility, but only as a last resort, according to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Senate approves $208M funding bill to improve vaccine rollout

A bill lawmakers and hospitals hope will help improve the vaccine roll out in South Carolina, in particular in rural communities, has passed the South Carolina Senate and is now heading back to the House.

  ‘These are difficult decisions’: DHEC addresses public’s concerns on who to include in vaccine phases

The leading doctor in South Carolina’s fight against COVID-19 said she knows that the vaccine distribution process has been frustrating for many people who are waiting to see if they will be next in line.

Vaccine Tourism: A closer look at vaccine residency requirements in S.C., neighboring states

Across the country, the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine supply remains scarce, while the demand to get it remains high.

  After slow start, Saluda clinic now scrambling to give vaccinations with help from DHEC

The number of doses for “walk-ins” are now limited at the clinic.

  State lawmakers hope to combat SC’s teacher shortage

A December report states there are about 700 open jobs in school districts across the state.

  Thousands of COVID-19 vaccine appointments rescheduled or canceled in SC

MUSC officials said they had to reschedule 8,000 appointments, pushing them back to later this week. MUSC’s chief quality officer said they received about 3,000 doses Monday, which was only enough to cover the Monday schedule.

  Midlands seniors see mixed success as they attempt to get the COVID-19 vaccine

With a shortage of COVID-19 vaccine doses and reported challenges with bureaucracy, getting an appointment for a vaccine is no sure thing for those ages 65 and older.

  SC Senate passes bill to move teachers to the front of the vaccine line

In the state’s rollout plans, teachers are in Phase 1B, but education advocates have been calling for teachers to be moved up.

  Teacher reacts to McMaster’s tweets on not allowing educators to ‘jump the line’ for vaccines

Educators who are actually still in the classroom say they’re just asking to work safely.

  Prisma Health pauses walk-in vaccinations due to vaccine supply, demand

For updates on Prisma Health’s vaccination sites, visit this link or call 1-833-277-4762.

  As demand for the vaccine grows, rural clinics audible under pressure

People ages 65 to 69 can now request an appointment, and some rural clinic leaders say they’ve had to change tactics to meet demand even before the new group arrived.

  Scheduling vaccine appointments remains a challenge as those 65 and up begin registration

On Monday, officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control stressed the importance of vaccinating those over 65 years old, saying that it was a conversation between Governor Henry McMaster’s office and DHEC about moving this group from Phase 1C to 1A.

  Drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine clinic opens in West Columbia

Nephron and Dominion have partnered to launch the vaccine drive-thru.

  Vaccine appointments for those 65 and older now open

Vaccine clinics have begun scheduling appointments for those 65 and older.

  Smokers could be eligible for COVID vaccine in Phase 1C ahead of general public

When the third of the vaccine rollout begins, people with “underlying health conditions,” including smoking, will be eligible to receive the COVID vaccine.

‘Unethical, immoral, absolutely unacceptable:’ McMaster responds to SC teachers’ push for vaccine priority

McMaster’s statement Sunday comes following an outcry from teachers late last week.

School districts work to get teacher vaccine plans in place

On Thursday, McMaster said 37 school districts have a plan in place while 19 have only begun talks with local health care providers and 25 districts have no plan at all.

  McMaster, Spearman say SC teachers need to return face-to-face regardless of vaccines

Spearman also rescinded accelerateSC guidance that suggested school districts should not return face-to-face if community spread was high.

  As vaccine availability grows, Columbia father hopes those with Down Syndrome will be prioritized

Mike Neff said his 35-year-old son, Carson, has Down Syndrome and has had two kidney replacements. The CDC lists both as aggravating medical conditions for the disease.

  What is a ‘Pharmacy Desert’ and why they make it harder for some people to get vaccinated in SC

Lee County is a “pharmacy desert,” which could mean it could soon be a vaccine desert.

  Vaccine Advisory Committee addresses roll-out challenges

The concerns come after Governor Henry McMaster announced that beginning on Monday, Feb. 9 all South Carolinians over 65-years-old will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

  People 65+ can make COVID-19 vaccine appointments in SC beginning Feb. 8

Anyone who is 65 and up -- regardless of preexisting conditions -- will be eligible.

  Publix offering more COVID-19 vaccine appointments in SC

More appointments will be available for booking beginning at 6 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 4.

  With first doses completed and case numbers dropping, Newberry nursing home doctor optimistic about the future

WIS has documented the mental and emotional anguish of residents and their families as state safety measures have limited and prevented their contact.

  CVS Health to offer COVID-19 vaccines at 17 pharmacy locations in South Carolina

There are some appointments already available in Camden.

  One vote stands between DHEC and new agency director

The candidate for the post, Dr. Edward Simmer, received a unanimous vote to send his appointment to lead DHEC out of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

  111-year-old Upstate woman receives COVID-19 vaccine

Marla Aulenbacher, who is 111 years old, went to get her vaccine in Greenville with her daughter and son-in-law, who are also over the age of 70.

  ’It doesn’t seem to be right’: Frustrations mount for those 65 and older not eligible to get vaccinated in S.C.

Right now, people 70 years old and up, as well as hospital patients 65 and older can get vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine clinic opening in Newberry County

The Little Mountain Pediatric & Family Practice in Little Mountain will administer the vaccines.

  ‘Don’t Miss Your Shot’: COMET offers rides to vaccination sites in Richland, Lexington counties

The campaign aims to help older adults, the disabled, minority communities and the poor -- who are disproportionately affected by covid-19.

  DHEC leaders focused on making sure rural communities aren’t overlooked in vaccine rollout

DHEC leaders fielded questions Monday on a teleconference regarding who’s included in Phase 1A, and who are not specifically teachers.

  ‘We’re very concerned’: AARP SC challenges DHEC on vaccine plan

On Monday, AARP SC, along with representatives from several other organizations, urged DHEC to prioritize people 50 and older.

  McMaster celebrates Prisma’s 100,000th COVID-19 vaccination

State health officials have said South Carolina will see a 16% increase in its weekly shipment of first vaccine doses from the federal government beginning this week.