CDC investigating E. Coli outbreak linked to salad kits

Officials believe the likely source of the outbreak is the Fresh Express Sunflower Crisp Chopped Salad Kit.

  WIS reporter donates bone marrow to 2-year-old with rare blood disorder

Plan your Thanksgiving meal around these recalls in your kitchen

Several cases of whooping cough have been confirmed with kids in Buncombe County

  Infant mortality rate up 10.8% in S.C.

  Midlands husband honors his late wife, ‘Polka Dot Queen,’ with scholarship fund

Trouble in Toyland report outlines dangerous gifts for children

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N.C. man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

S.C. high school staff surprise coworker during her last round of chemotherapy

How a new South Carolina law is helping nurse practitioners expand their roles

  ‘1 in 10 will develop diabetes’: recognizing National Diabetes Month by knowing your risk and getting tested

LMC: More than 300 people contacted for tuberculosis testing after possible exposure

  The Price of Life: Battling medical debt in the Midlands

Cincinnati-area high school announces mandatory drug tests for all students beginning in 2020

A student's refusal to take the test will be considered a positive result.

  Therapy dog from Sumter middle school diagnosed with tumor gets surgery

“He’s nothing but love...he loves people, all animals...he makes everyone happy. It would be a huge loss to the world.”

  Learning how to avoid compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue has been described as the cost of caring for others who are in emotional and physical pain.

Vaping, e-cigarettes aren’t a ‘gateway’ to teen smoking, study says

The study found teens who experiment with vaping are more likely to try cigarettes but vaping first does not increase their odds of becoming smokers.

  ’No woman deserves that to happen to them ever’: Family of woman left brain dead after giving birth speaks out

DHEC confirms SC’s first flu-related death of the season

  Doctors say effects of vaping-related illness, flu are dangerously similar

  Patient information affected after cybersecurity breach at Prisma Health

Is it the flu or vaping-related illness? Why doctors say it could be difficult to tell apart

Humid, windy days are worse for pain, study says

Look out for ‘healthy’ foods that have lots of added sugar

Lere’ Robinson is a nutritional consultant with Alive Again. She said some “healthy” foods have sugars hidden inside, like flavored and low fat yogurt.

  New CDC report shows alarming uptick in youth suicide rates

A disturbing trend surfaced Thursday in a new CDC report.

Battling cancer, ‘Courageous Carter’ receives thousands of cards for 10th birthday

Thousands of cards, messages and presents have been pouring in for a young Louisville boy battling cancer.

Postal carrier overwhelmed by birthday cards for ‘Courageous Carter’

A Louisville boy fighting cancer has received more than 1,000 birthday cards and there are more on the way.

Lawmaker to introduce bill banning sale of vaping products in SC

State Rep. Wendell Gilliard said he will introduce a bill to ban the sale of vaping products in January when the state legislature reconvenes.

  Are you ready for a plant-based burger at McDonald’s?

You didn’t think it was possible to live a plant-based or vegetarian lifestyle because you eat too much fast food, right?

‘No one should feel ashamed of how they feed their baby’: Woman shamed for breastfeeding child at YMCA

The Nir Family YMCA has been in hot water after a viral Facebook post by a mother who says she was shamed for breastfeeding her child in the pool area.

  Is the shingles vaccine worth it?

Aches, pains, chills, nausea, and a headache. Who wants to feel those? You most likely will if and when you get the shingles vaccine - something that’s recommended once you hit the age of 50.

First CBD guidelines released by the Arthritis Foundation

The CBD craze has taken off in recent years, especially after Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018.

N.C. man dies from infection typically caused by undercooked seafood

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed a man from Cary died from Vibrio vulnificus, an infection typically caused by eating undercooked seafood such as oysters, clams, shrimp and scallops.

  How to seek treatment for opioid use disorder in South Carolina

Experts want people to know there are many paths to recovery.

  ‘Today would’ve been 17 years sober’: Sister Hazel lead vocalist talks about his path back to recovery

The rock band Sister Hazel is in Columbia to perform at the Rock for Recovery concert to benefit the LRADAC Foundation.

  Free home cleaning service for women with breast cancer now open to all cancer patients

Cleaning for a Reason has helped more than 35,000 cancer patients since launching in 2006.

  State lawmaker looking into potential ban of flavored vaping products

In response to hundreds of cases of reported lung injuries related to e-cigarettes and vaping across the country, some states are banning the sale of flavored vaping products.

  Flu season is upon us, which means Prisma Health is giving out free flu shots in October

Prisma Health announced it will offer free flu shots again this year at multiple locations in Richland, Lexington, and Sumter counties.

  How to train and prevent common injuries ahead of the Tunnel to Towers South Carolina 5K event

If you’re not a frequent runner who is taking part in the Tunnel to Towers race, Dr. Justin Knight wants to remind those running to know their limits to prevent common injuries when training for a race.

  Get free car seat safety check in Lexington during Child Passenger Safety Week

Qualified officers will check that car seats are properly installed, in good shape and not under a recall.

  Lexington officials say water safe despite complaints of unusual smell, taste

Lexington officials say the issue is not a health concern and that steps are being taken to fix it.

  ‘Be a voice for those that lost their voice’: Mother advocates for mental health after daughter died by suicide

A Midlands mother has a mission to break the stigma associated with mental illness.

Midlands doctors weigh in as a sixth American dies from a mysterious lung illness, potentially linked to vaping

A mysterious lung illness has claimed the life of a sixth person and experts are potentially linking that disease to vaping and e-cigarettes.

  Parents of Gamecocks QB hope special moment in Saturday’s game will raise awareness on mental health

Ryan Hilinski and his family have a mission that stretches far beyond the football field.

Free flu shots available soon for some families in the Midlands

Families who live in Richland, Lexington and Sumter counties can take advantage.

  SC politician bitten by copperhead snake at Lexington home

State Rep. Chris Wooten said he went out to walk his dog Sunday night when he stepped on a copperhead in his yard.

FDA warns public to not eat Kroger tuna steaks

Eating the tuna may cause scrombroid poisoning, which is caused by eating fish that wasn’t properly refrigerated.

  Parents concerned over bedbugs found in Lexington One classroom

Parents of some students at Pelion Elementary School received a letter after the first day of class saying a bedbug had been found in the classroom.

  Forest Acres resident says backyard smells like ‘slightly masked garbage dump’

Ben Green thinks the smell comes from the landfill on Screaming Eagle Road in Lugoff.

  VIRAL VIDEO: S.C. girl in wheelchair dances her heart out

Lauren, who has a rare bone condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, is wheelchair bound, but doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she loves.

Shaw Air Force Base outlines plans for resiliency day to address suicides

At Shaw, three airmen have committed suicide just this year.

  Q&A: Strategies for managing back-to-school anxiety for kids of all ages

Just like the “Sunday scaries” or the “Sunday blues” are real for all of us, anxiety is a real thing for kids heading back to school this week.

Lexington Medical Center earns 3-star rating for heart surgery

Lexington Medical Center’s cardiovascular program has earned an overall three-star rating for heart surgery from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).

Lexington Medical Center named one of SC’s Best Places to Work

ongratulations to Lexington Medical Center on being named one of South Carolina’s Best Places to Work!

Sign up for the 2019 Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers South Carolina 5K

Sign up for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers South Carolina 5K.

  Migraine medicine could lead to life-threatening infection; recall announced

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Thursday, August 15 that a medication used to treat migraines was being pulled from shelves because continued use could lead to serious, life threatening infections.

  Affordable housing community for adults with autism, learning disabilities coming to Conway

A new housing development unlike any other in Horry County is expected to open in Conway later this year.

  Back-to-school: How much sleep does your child need to succeed?

According to the CDC, “children and adolescents who do not get enough sleep have a higher risk of obesity...poor mental health, and problems with attention and behavior.”

  Back-to-school: healthy & easy recipes for college students

These easy tips and recipes will keep you healthy all school-year.

  3 tips to help your child succeed with homework this year

What are you doing to set up your child for success this year?

  It’s never too late to start exercising

One South Carolina woman was well into retirement age when the death of her husband forced her to find a reason to get up every morning.

Cincinnati area girl, 5, diagnosed with rare tick paralysis

Specialists told the family they’ve never seen anything like this before.

Horry County Schools toughening punishment for students caught vaping

The rise in vaping among teens is pushing Horry County Schools to toughen its stance.

  How to talk to your kids about mass shootings

How to talk with kids and teens about mass shootings.

S.C. among the worst states for healthcare, study says

A study released Monday by personal finance website WalletHub has ranked South Carolina among the worst states in the country for healthcare.

Lowcountry infant with rare disease needs a blood stem cell donor

A nine-month-old infant who lives in the Charleston area needs your help.

  Firefighters top safety concern? The summer heat

Flames are the most obvious concern for Columbia firefighters, but these heroes are just as concerned as heat from Mother Nature.

  Meal Prep 101: Easy tips before your family goes back-to-school

Make meal prep fun and affordable for your family this year.

  Columbia has one of the highest rates in Peripheral Artery Disease

How many of you talk in your households about peripheral artery disease? Apparently, quite a few of you.

  Customers wary after more SC restaurants listed for possible Hepatitis A exposure

Officials from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) say two more restaurants in the Palmetto state could have exposed their customers to Hepatitis A, as a reported outbreak of the virus continues.

  Signs of Alzheimer’s and how it affects families

June is Alzheimer's and brain awareness month, an opportunity to highlight a major public health issue.

  Seven-year-old cancer survivor talks about experience at Prisma’s Camp KEMO

Do you remember your favorite part of summer camp as a kid? Well, Catherine Ray Tucker does, all thanks to the power of medicine and a camp for kids meant to inspire and give the experience of a lifetime.

Breaking down the difference between CBD, hemp and marijuana

Do you know the difference between them?

  Which drinks are the most hydrating for your body?

"ORS (oral rehydration solution), milk and orange juice retained almost 50% of fluid in the body 2 hours after being consumed."

  Cooling cap keeps cancer patients from losing their hair during chemotherapy

There’s a new cap in town, but it’s not the kind you wear on a night out; it’s actually helping people through tough times.

  Is your sunscreen harming your skin? New study says it might be

Nearly two-thirds of all sunscreens evaluated in the EWG's “2019 Guide to Sunscreens” would not pass safety tests proposed by the US Food and Drug Administration.

  A lethal kiss for your beloved pet; vet warns of dangers of kissing bugs ahead of summer heat

As a pet owner, you know to look out for fleas and ticks. But have you worried about the kissing bug? If you haven’t, you should.

  Actually, it IS brain surgery

Why would a young lady fly all the way from the state of Washington to South Carolina for a doctor appointment?

  Customers at an SC restaurant may have been exposed to hepatitis A, state health officials say

DHEC was notified on May 17, 2019, that an employee of the restaurant tested positive for hepatitis A.

Planned Parenthood schedules national protests against abortion bans, 1 scheduled at SC State House Tuesday

As the debate regarding abortion and women’s rights continues to heat up across the nation, Planned Parenthood has staged a national ‘STOP THE BANS’ day of action protest to fight against restrictive abortion laws being passed in the country.

3 people potentially exposed to rabies by stray cat in Lexington

Three people have been referred to their health care providers after being potentially exposed to rabies by a stray cat in near downtown Lexington.