Family For Life

  Family for Life: Happy Howells

A Midlands family is sharing their story to show no matter how you become a parent, you can expect some inevitable twists and turns. But every moment is absolutely worth the ride!

  Family For Life: Cheyenne Nicole

  Family for Life: Zoey

  Family for Life: Fun and games with James

  Family for Life: Luciano’s prayer

  A Family For Life: Jaylen’s big smile is ready to light up his forever home

  Threaded Missions: Every child deserves a Family for Life

Continued Coverage

  ’He’s our prayer and I’m hoping we will be his prayer.’ More than 60 SC children adopted into loving families

  Family for Life: A home to be loved in is Jimmy’s prayer

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  A Family For Life: Jakob and Victoria

We're continuing our monthly 'A Family for Life' series on adoption by introducing you to Jakob and Victoria.

  A Family for Life: Kenretta’s dream is to find a home after 10 years in foster care

For many of them, one of their biggest fears is aging out of the system without finding their family for life. Kenretta says she's never going to give up hope.

  A Family for Life: Meet Shamere and Aliyah

All they want is someone to love and protect them.

  A Family for Life: Learn more about foster care

As a part of our program, A Family for Life, WIS is providing information on how families can become foster families to children who want to feel loved.

  A Family for Life: Learn more about adoption

  The search for a forever home for foster kids: ‘A Family for Life’