Beyond the Banks

  Koala breeding programs like Riverbanks Zoo’s could become crucial in wake of Australian fires

With at least an eighth of the koala population already killed in the Australian wildfires, repopulation for that already vulnerable species will take the work of conservationists and animal advocates across the world.

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  Riverbanks Zoo’s elephants undergo training to prepare for move

  Riverbanks Zoo says goodbye to oldest elephants, hello to new rhinos

  Masters of Camouflage: Riverbanks helps sustain geckos found in Madagascar

  Riverbanks Zoo helps establish colony for critically endangered turtle species

  BEYOND THE BANKS: Trying for tiger cubs - Riverbanks Zoo’s tigers undergo fertility exams

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  Riverbanks Zoo sea lions predict Rams for Super Bowl LIII

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  Hello, baby! Riverbanks Zoo welcomes newest addition to Gorilla Base Camp

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  Riverbanks Zoo announces the names of the sister lion cubs

After a week-long vote, Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens announced the names of the lion cubs after fan voting closed Thursday.

  The lion cubs three: Meet the newest sisters and princesses of the jungle at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

It's really the moment we've all been waiting for.  The trio of lion cubs - born to lioness Thabisa in April, made their debut on their exhibit this week and for the first time stepped those sweet little paws in the dirt.

  Baby gorilla watch is underway at Riverbanks Zoo!

We are officially on baby gorilla watch at Riverbanks Zoo!

  Here’s your chance to help name the baby giraffe at Riverbanks Zoo!

If you've ever wanted to help name a baby, here's your chance to help. Bids for the cutie's name are open and will run through Sunday, April 29 at 6 p.m. All proceeds support giraffe conservation.

Beyond the Banks exclusive: Out on the deck of Sea Lion Landing