Cynthia Beasley

News Anchor/Reporter
Cynthia Beasley

Cynthia’s investigative reporting has made waves. She won a Regional Edward R. Murrow award and was nominated for a Capital Emmy. She won a 1st place award for the 2021 Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters Contest; breaking a national story about allegations that the country’s largest Evangelical university was covering up rape allegations, potentially violating federal Title IX laws.

Her year-long investigation pre-dated a lawsuit from dozens of victims against Liberty University. After her reporting, the Department of Education launched an investigation into the university. The university president also announced they would spend millions of dollars on increased campus security.

Cynthia uncovered an error in the Department of Motor Vehicles registration system that led to the DMV wrongfully taxing thousands of Virginians. The DMV changed its systems and refunded thousands of dollars because of Cynthia’s reporting.

She exposed a school system that did not carry the drug overdose antidote, Naloxone, leading to a near-death; the school system changed its policy after her story.

When she’s not sifting through documents, you can see Cynthia behind the anchor desk. Cynthia’s excited to share her next big story and would love to hear from you. You can email her at