No warrants issued for AG’s mother over alleged assaults on mother and facility employee

Published: Oct. 19, 2023 at 4:20 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 19, 2023 at 4:42 PM EDT
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WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – The mother of South Carolina’s Attorney General and the wife of one of its congressmen will not face arrest warrants for her actions at her mother’s senior care facility this September.

WIS News 10 has obtained Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) records that showed a magistrate judge declined to issue an arrest warrant for Roxanne Wilson after she was accused of forcing water and medicine into her 98-year-old mother’s mouth.

A magistrate judge also declined to issue a warrant for Wilson after she is accused of shaking an employee.

Roxanne Wilson is the mother of Attorney General Alan Wilson and the wife of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-Lexington Co.).

Both incidents happened on Sept. 29, 2023, when Roxanne Wilson visited her mother Martha Dusenbury at the Presbyterian Community Care Center on Davega Drive in Lexington County.

Roxanne Wilson’s attorney Jake Moore said Alan Wilson’s relations had nothing to do with the case outcomes.

“There’s not a magistrate in the state that would’ve issued a warrant on that,” he said.

The Attorney General’s Office sent a statement stating Wilson was not available to comment. Rep. Joe Wilson’s office declined to comment.

The incident with Wilson’s mother

The LCSD incident report and supplemental reports spell out allegations from staff that Roxanne Wilson cursed at her 98-year-old mother and forced medicine and water into her mouth “until she was choking.”

A deputy reported there was no security camera footage of the incident.

One of the medical technicians who witnessed the event claimed Roxanne Wilson used a fork to deliver the medicine, and “tipped the water up until she was pretty much gagging.”

Moore said Roxanne Wilson did nothing wrong.

“It should not be the children’s responsibility to administer medication to the patient in the first place,” Moore said.

The technician said Roxanne Wilson was “screaming and cursing” during the incident.

The records show a deputy approached Roxanne Wilson about the allegations, who reportedly walked away to call Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon. Director of Residential Services Jennifer Raymond said she did not see Koon arrive.

Moore said he did not know anything about the call.

LCSD spokesperson Capt. Adam Myrick has not responded to questions about the call.

Moore said the suggestion that she leveraged her family’s positions is “total nonsense.”

“The idea that an assault was committed is absolutely absurd,” he said.

In a supplemental case report, an investigator noted the incident allegedly occurred at 12:30pm, but law enforcement wasn’t notified until 1:57 p.m.

The investigator wrote that Roxanne Wilson was told her mother wasn’t taking her medication.

Roxanne Wilson then attempted to give her mother medication, and the investigator wrote:

“…The way Mrs. Wilson was described using the fork does not appear to be unusual, extreme, or negligent in nature…”

The investigator wrote that the witnesses reported Dusenbury gagging, but later swallowed the water and medication.

The investigator wrote:

“…The facility alleged Mrs. Wilson of abuse for accomplishing what they had just been attempting to accomplish for themselves, with the only notable difference that Mrs. Wilson was more persistent, and was alleged to have used harsher language while interacting with her mother…”

The investigator reported that the 11th Circuit Solicitor’s Office found the case without prosecutorial merit but presented it to a Lexington County Magistrate Judge Matthew Johnson.

The judge did not issue a warrant for Roxanne Wilson’s arrest. The facility placed Roxanne Wilson on trespass notice.

The incident with an employee

The incident reports also reference an event between Roxanne Wilson and Raymond.

In a supplemental case report, a deputy wrote Raymond and Roxanne Wilson were speaking after LCSD had arrived.

The deputy wrote he saw:

“…Raymond had her back against the wall and Wilson approached her, stood directly in front of her placing both hands on her (Raymond’s) shoulders and stated something I could not hear. I did hear the end of Wilson’s sentence where she stated, “not to f*** with me…”

Raymond said she felt threatened.

“She put both hands on my shoulders, like you’re trying to talk to a child, and you’re shaking them by the shoulders,” she said.

The deputy wrote he did not believe Roxanne Wilson “had any intent to assault” and the contact appeared “non-aggressive.”

Raymond reported to the deputy that she wanted to prosecute, but the deputy and a supervisor both advised there was not probable cause.

A second deputy reported that Roxanne Wilson admitted to the interaction, but stated it was not her intention to hurt Raymond.

The second deputy reviewed the body camera footage and determined it did not amount to assault.

The records show that on Oct. 5, an investigator met with Raymond and an attorned at LCSD.

The investigator writes:

“Mrs. Raymond advised that Mrs. Wilson yelled at her,” Jennifer, I’m not mad at you, but tell your staff not to f*** with me.” Mrs. Raymond stated she was initially shocked, and she knew an officer was standing maybe twenty feet away from her. Mrs. Raymond advised that she stated, ‘Roxanne you cannot threaten my staff.’ Mrs. Raymond stated that Mrs. Wilson replied, ‘Oh, that’s no threat’ and dropped her hands off of her shoulders.”

“You don’t know what she could be capable of doing,” Raymond said.

Moore said Roxanne Wilson was not making a threat.

The reports show Raymond told the investigator that she was told by a sergeant that she could press assault and battery charges.

“He said to me we could press charges right now, he said it front of three other staff members in two different instances,” Raymond said.

Instead, she said she chose to meet with the facility CEO and the legal counsel.

Raymond said Roxanne Wilson entered the room questioning if charges were going to be pressed. Roxanne Wilson was instructed by a deputy to leave the room.

The investigator reviewed the body camera footage, which showed Wilson had “her son” on the phone during the incident.

Raymond said Attorney General Alan Wilson did arrive at Presbyterian Community Care Center.

Raymond is not listed as a victim in the reports, but rather as “other involved.”

The event is described by LCSD as part of the same case, with no potential crimes committed.

Raymond said she wanted the cases to be treated separately, and questioned if the Wilson family’s familiarity with Koon played a role.

“I do like I said, believe that it was not investigated the same way as it would have been in a general public situation,” she said.

The sheriff’s department sent a statement reading:

“After a thorough investigation, as well as a review of the evidence and statements in this matter, no charges will be filed in this case. We arrived at this result after detectives consulted the Solicitor’s Office, which advised the case had no prosecutorial merit. Ultimately, a detective presented the findings and evidence gathered during our investigation to a magistrate judge, who determined there was no probable cause to make an arrest. In light of these developments, the case will be closed.

The lead investigator on the case reached out to Ms. Raymond by phone earlier this week to advise her of the steps we had taken in the final phases of our work on the case. Before the investigator could explain the particulars of our communication with the Solicitor’s Office and the magistrate, Ms. Raymond ended the call.”

Myrick declined to provide WIS News 10 the body camera footage of the Raymond incident.

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