Georgia defeats South Carolina, live recap

Live updates of the South Carolina v. Georgia game
Live updates of the South Carolina v. Georgia game(Butch Dill | AP)
Published: Sep. 16, 2023 at 4:10 PM EDT
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Gamecocks fall to Bulldogs, 24-14.

4th quarter

Rattler threw another interception bringing his season total to two and that’s how the came essentially ended.

During their last drive of the game, South Carolina tried going back to what worked for them in the first half, screen passes and short throws but it was the multiple penalties that hurt them.

In a desperation throw, Rattler threw his first interception of the season, essentially ending the Gamecocks possibility of winning.

After a Gamecocks false start penalty, Rattler connected with Blake again for a huge gain to bring the team inside Georgia’s 50-yard line.

Rattler connected with Blake for a 13-yard pass to move the chains to the South Carolina 20-yard line with a little over 5 minutes to go in the game.

While the defense looked fatigued the entirety of the second half, the Gamecocks offense started to look tired around the six-minute mark of the fourth quarter.

After the Gamecocks held Georgia to a 4th & 4, the Bulldogs punted it, with the ball landed behind the Gamecocks 10-yard line.

The defense of the Bulldogs truly shut down Carolina in the second half, with the Gamecocks failing to gain more than 150 yards in the last two quarters.

South Carolina’s offensive line continued to crumble under the pressure from the Georgia defense with Rattler throwing multiple balls away during different plays to avoid a loss of yards or worse, an interception.

Georgia has scored 21 unanswered points, with the Gamecocks unable to find the endzone at any time during the second half.

Georgia running back Cash Jones broke out for a 20-yard run to add another 6 points for the Bulldogs and with the successful extra point, The Bulldogs lead 24-14.

The Bulldogs continued to ground-and-pound against the Carolina defense and it continued to work, with the Gamecocks being unable to stop Georgia’s running attacks.

Pressure of the Georgia defense also started becoming too much for the young Carolina offensive line with the defense being able to touch Rattler at a whim.

The lack of a consistent running game continued to plague the Gamecocks and it did not stop in the fourth quarter. Joyner after having a few consistent runs in the first half, was not able to come up with that same magic in the second half of the game.

South Carolina did not score in the 3rd quarter while the Bulldogs added 14 points to their total.

The Gamecocks were looking to rally, however, stopping the Georgia offense is easier said than however. Another missed field goal gave South Carolina the chance to put some points on the board.

3rd quarter

Georgia started their latest offensive series deep in their territory and continued to drive through South Carolina’s defense and the Gamecocks looked helpless on the field.

On 4th down, South Carolina decided to punt bringing an end to a promising offensive series.

The Gamecocks started to show life after a 20-plus-yard completed pass from Rattler followed by a decent run gain from Joyner.

South Carolina’s defense continued to show signs of fatigue, with the Bulldogs scoring again with their ground game, with Georgia taking their first lead of the game.

The Bulldogs continued to move down the field with their tenacity and the defense continued to falter and show signs of fatigue.

Georgia tried for the end zone from the 50-yard line, however, O’Donnell Fortune was there to break the play up.

Georgia’s defense also responded with a few key stops and not letting Rattler get out of the pocket, holding South Carolina to a quick three-and-out.

The pressure of playing in Athens looked like it started to get to the Gamecocks after a penalty to start the drive deep in their territory.

Georgia responded big time with a score, followed by a field goal to bring the deficit to 4.

Georgia decided to give the Gamecocks a taste of their own medicine by using screen passes, which was followed by a long pass and a run that got the Bulldogs into the Gamecocks red zone.

The Second half of the game started with Georgia receiving the ball. The Bulldogs were looking for a way to score after being held to a season-low halftime score by the Gamecocks.

2nd quarter

South Carolina running back Dakereon Joyner rushed into the goal line for the score, extending the lead for the Gamecocks with a minute left in the half.

The combination of Rattler and Legette continued to be a thorn in the side of the Bulldogs. Legette caught a 35-yard pass from Rattler, which was followed by an incredible scrabble by the South Carolina quarterback for a huge gain.

With a little over three minutes left in the half, the Gamecocks started the series deep in their own territory.

The Bulldogs made their way across the field again and back into the red zone and held Georgia to a 4th & goal and Georgia missed a field goal attempt for a turnover on downs.

After seeming to be swallowed by Georgia’s running game, South Carolina got a stop on 3rd & 1, however, the Bulldogs went for it on 4th & 1, completing a short pass and getting a brand new set of downs.

A few big gains on the ground from the on the ground from the Georgia running backs started to how tired the GAmecocks defense was getting after the offense could not muster anything the past two possessions.

South Carolina’s running backs continued to struggle to get out of blocks against the Georgia defense. A dropped pass by Legette resulted in a punt by the Gamecocks.

With 3rd & 2, the Gamecocks continued to rely on the magic of Rattler and he delivered once again with a 10-yard first-down completion pass to O’Mega Blake.

It finally seemed that the Bulldogs figured out South Carolina’s screen action offense gameplay, with the Gamecocks getting to little to no gain during recent tries.

After scoring a touchdown, Wells, who came into the game injured, was ruled out by Gamecock head coach Shane Beamer.

The Gamecocks got a stop on 3rd & 3, and Georgia started to go for it and then decided to punt the ball.

The Bulldogs started off with the ball at the start of the quarter. It was the balance attack combination of running and passing plays that continued to drive a wedge into the South Carolina defense.

1st quarter

However, the Georgia defense had other plans, stifling the Gamecocks until the clock ran out at the end of the quarter.

After the field goal, the Gamecocks offense was back on the field looking poised to build upon the momentum they built during their first offensive series.

A red zone stand by South Carolina held the Georgia Bulldogs to a field goal attempt, which was successful. 7-3, South Carolina.

The Gamecocks defense tried stopping the Bulldog offense but they could not make the plays when it mattered the most.

The defense got through the offensive line of Georgia and sacked Beck for a loss of yards.

The Georgia offense battled back with a combination of short passes and run gains on the ground.

After the Gamecocks drew blood first, the Bulldogs were looking to respond under the guidance of quarterback Carsen Beck.

This is South Carolina’s first lead against Georgia since 2019.

The Gamecocks scored after a 10-play drive with two rushing plays and two passing plays. Antwane Wells Jr. caught a 17-yard pass from Rattler to make the score. Gamecocks were on the board first, 7-0 South Carolina.

During this drive, Rattler was 8/8 but the pressure from the Georgia defense started to get through the young offense line, creating problems for the fif

With the Gamecocks in the red zone, they continued to use screen passes but to little or no gains of yardage.

South Carolina continued to make big gains with short screen passes, it looked early like the Georgia defense was caught off-guard.

It was the Gamecocks passing that continued to slice and dice the Georgia defense, it seemed like the defending chaps had no answer for Rattler.

South Carolina started to get their run game going with a play by Dakereon Joyner but he gained little to no yards

The Gamecocks started off their first drive of the game behind two completions arm of quarterback Spencer Rattler.

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