Richland County Judge sentences drug dealer after three year plea investigation

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 11:04 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A Richland County judge has sentenced drug dealer Robert Marks to seven years after hearing a three-year investigation into Marks’s plea deal.

Sheriff Leon Lott, who was present at the courthouse said Marks is a major drug dealer that needs to be sent away and drugs that are trafficked in Columbia need to stop.

South Carolina representative Todd Rutherford who represents Marks said drug charges now are archaic and spending money on Marks going to jail is a waste of time.

Sheriff Lott and Attorney Rutherford were both present in the courtroom on Wednesday afternoon for the sentencing of 39-year-old Robert Marks.

Marks has a long list of charges dating back to 2001.

In this case, specifically, Marks was arrested on a drug charge back in 2016 for having 200 grams of cocaine.

Twenty-two deputies and personnel from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department sat alongside Sheriff Lott who said the case was a major one for the department.

Sheriff Lott also stated justice was served in the judge’s decision.

“Well, I think justice was served today the best it could be served. I think the judge had some great points that were made that it wasn’t fair for anybody. That says the law enforcement would be defended and I think it was a fair sentence,” said Sheriff Lott.

Marks was dressed in all black and didn’t say anything while in front of the judge with his attorney.

Rutherford defended his client’s case claiming that Marks was a good civilian and a great father to his two kids.

Rutherford asked for a 5-year sentence in Mark’s case.

After the sentencing, Rutherford said:

“The plea deal was that he would plead guilty with a PWID 2nd which is possession with intention to distribute 2nd offense with a recommendation. This was on again evidence-based practices of how much time someone would get that had that much drugs if they plead guilty and did not put the state through a trial,” said Rutherford.

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