Meet Greg Adaline: Husband, father, WIS anchor and now, published author

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 4:20 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - WIS anchor Greg Adaline got into the broadcasting business on a stroke of luck. Ever since then, the two-time Emmy Award-winning reporter has shared with his viewers’ stories that have impacted him and others.

This time, the Detroit native shares more, but through his published book “True Story: A Faith Journal.”

You can find a copy of Adaline’s book, “True Story: A Faith Journal” on Amazon right now.
You can find a copy of Adaline’s book, “True Story: A Faith Journal” on Amazon right now.(Greg Adaline)

The book has stories about his experiences as a reporter, father and overall man guided by what he says is “God’s plan.”

“It’s short stories that are primarily faith-based for the most part. Some of it is a little bit of autobiography, but all of them have an element of faith. It’s a story of how God has shown up in my life in different circumstances and in different ways,” said Adaline, “They run from stories of growing up, but also how I got my start in broadcasting. It was a pretty improbable set of circumstances that ever got me into TV news.”

The short stories take readers through various key moments in Adaline’s life.

Adaline has always been candid about his experiences online, whether it is an anecdote about helping his young daughter open a can of jam or just doing something nice for a store clerk.

For those who already know Adaline, various stories in the book are some he has previously shared on his Facebook page.

According to him, it all began in 2020.

“From 2020 until now, I’ve just had a couple of writings that have really struck a chord; some have gone viral, some of them seen by 10 million people. I don’t understand how it reached like that, but it did,” he said.

During that time, his writings resonated with many of his Facebook followers who were reading while the world was battling through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I put the stories on Facebook just as a way to share. Especially during COVID-19, because during COVID, I think a lot of people were scared. I think a lot of people were isolated or unsure of what was next, and I found that a good outlet for me was writing. It was an opportunity where I think a lot of people turned to their faith during that time,” said Adaline.

Adaline explains in detail how he began his broadcasting career. He describes the trials of his early days in the news business. He said he saw God working through a lot of his mistakes.

“It was always a dream of mine to do television news,” Adaline recalled.

Nearly two decades ago, 24-year-old Adaline began the life as a reporter through an NBC affiliate station in Detroit. Adaline was chosen out of 300 candidates for a summer reporting job through a two-week audition process that played out on live TV.

“A friend of mine essentially told me when that contest was announced in Detroit, he said, ‘That has your name written all over it. So you need to go out for that,’” Adaline explained, “I said, ‘If somebody else believes that I can do this, why can’t I?’ And so that’s what got me to go for it.’”

Adaline said he hopes his readers are inspired to chase their dreams the same way he did.

“So many other stories are just everyday moments that I experience where I can feel God’s move. And it’s just in the simplest of ways. My hope is that anyone reading this book understands that God can use them no matter what they do, you don’t have to be a TV person,” said Adaline.

Adaline took four years of writing to build his faith journal. He said most of his work was done on his phone, where he would record any piece of literary inspiration that came to him.

He began the publishing process of his book this past year.

“I started putting the stories together last year. These are writings from dating back to 2019, things that I had never shared, some things I had shared. But as I looked at all of the works, I said, ‘I think there’s a book here.’ And so that’s what I did,” said Adaline.

Adaline got a first look into his book early this month, an experience he said was exciting and nerve-wracking.

Though his first book is finished, Adaline said there are more stories to write.

“I’m definitely going to chill for a little while, but, you know, eventually I’ll put more pieces together and come up with another one perhaps at some point,” he said.

Adaline said he is still blogging and continuing to share his thoughts on Facebook. You can follow him at Greg Adaline WIS.

You can find a copy of Adaline’s book, “True Story: A Faith Journal” on Amazon right now.

The book will soon be available on Kindle and Audible as well, with Adaline planning to narrate the audiobook.

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