Chapin residents in shock over alleged attempted sexual assault at a popular park

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 11:42 PM EDT
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CHAPIN, S.C. (WIS) - Residents visiting a Lexington County park said they are on edge after a woman told deputies a man tried to sexually assault her while exercising.

Officials at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department say the suspect allegedly tried to drag a woman into the woods Sunday afternoon.

Investigators wasted no time releasing a police sketch to the public.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department provided a sketch based on the victim’s description...
The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department provided a sketch based on the victim’s description of the suspect.(The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department)

Keith Wilkes said he comes to Crooked Creek Park in Chapin about five times a week to walk.

“Great trails. Through about 1/3 of it is about through the words beautiful scenery, nature it’s awesome,” said Wilkes, “My initial reaction is a bit of alarm. I think it’s also, the kind of world we live in these days.”

Other residents who come to the park are wary.

Chapin Resident Sandra Bowers said “It’s frightening, it’s very scary nowadays you just can’t really walk in peace without somebody trying to attack you. It’s getting to be ridiculous.”

Some residents said they are shocked an attack like that happened at the park.

“Well, that’s very different because I walk here a lot. This is a place where people just come to relax and walk every day and we have never heard of anything like this happening in the Chapin an area,” said Chapin Resident Cheryl Wertz.

Residents said they just want the attacker caught.

“My wife walks with a friend every day every morning. So you do want at least the females, the ladies in your family to think that they will be safe out here with their exercise routines and that kind of stuff certainly as a member of my family. I hope she will always be safe out here and doing something fun to do which is exercise,” Wilkes said.

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