Brewers Bar and Grill in Sumter closing, owner announces

Brewers Bar and Grill is shutting the doors for good.
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Published: Apr. 13, 2023 at 2:40 PM EDT

SUMTER S.C. (WIS) - One day after the Sumter Police Department requested to revoke Brewers Bar and Grill’s alcohol license, the bar’s owner announced that he is closing its doors permanently.

Since 1998, Brewers has operated on East Wesmark Boulevard in Sumter, just off Broad Street.

A shooting outside the bar over the weekend claimed the life of 26-year-old Rayquan Dean.

The alleged shooter, Antwuan June, faces four charges in connection with the shooting.

June’s bond was denied on Monday.

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Yacov Peters, Brewers’ owner, confirmed to WIS what he announced on his Facebook page: that he intends to close the bar.

He said that Wednesday was the last day open to members.

His full statement on Facebook reads, “To our people:

As many have heard, our community experienced another senseless and violent act of aggression; whereby, tragically taking away a precious life. Our Hearts and Prayers are with the Families.

As all those who have frequented Brewers over the many years, we have never tolerated unkind behavior. Furthermore, we have always promoted an upbeat atmosphere with dignity and respect to our Local Law Enforcement, Military and Sumter County citizens!

Unfortunately, and beyond Brewers’ control, there have been individuals who have taken it upon themselves to incite negative actions; whereby, disturbing our establishment. This last tragic event had nothing to do with Brewers which happened outside of our walls and out of our control, nevertheless we still mourn.

We fully understand and respect the opinions of the community; however, we believe that this tragic event was inevitable, regardless of its location.

Sumter is our home. We genuinely appreciate the voices of support and respect those of concern. After much thought, We believe the divisiveness on this matter is hurting our community and moving forward, we have decided to Voluntarily Close our Doors. Our decision is solely based on a deep respect to our city and to provide calm to what is an already volatile situation.

I wish to personally thank our Peaceful Patrons who have been a part of the Brewers Family over the many years and for all the great memories.

We wish everyone Good Health and will continue to pray for those hurting at this moment.

G-d Bless


Yacov Michael Peters

Brewers est. 1998

Data from the Sumter Police Department outlines a string of issues that have occurred at the bar over the last two years.

Since January 1, 2021, there have been 83 calls for service there.

There were also 81 officer-initiated or citizen-requested property checks for the location during that time period.

At least 32 of the 83 calls for service resulted in a reported incident, according to Sumter Police.

Of those cases, Sumter Police says there was one homicide, two attempted murders, two domestic violence cases and 15 assault and battery incidents.

Seven of those cases involved a weapon, according to Sumter Police records.

“That sounds about right for Brewers of Sumter, South Carolina,” Leslie Atkinson, a former Brewers patron said. “That sounds about right because there have been problems there for so long.”

Atkinson, who has lived in Sumter her entire life, said she stopped going to the bar about a year ago after an incident where a woman tried to fight her inside.

“I’ve had friends who have been beaten up in the parking lot of Brewers, and didn’t even know the person that hurt them,” she said. “Just somebody drunk come out and it happened.”

Sumter Police provided an affidavit to the state Department of Revenue earlier this week, requesting the revocation of the license for alcohol sales for the bar.

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Following Sumter Police’s request, the Department of Revenue is investigating to see whether Brewers has violated any laws or regulations.

WIS asked the Department of Revenue about Peters’ announcement.

“In general, surrendering a license or permit does not make the issue moot or prevent SCDOR from assessing fines or penalties,” a department spokesperson said in response.

Atkinson said she is glad Sumter Police has stepped up, but wishes that the department had taken action sooner.

“Too little, too late,” she said. “If they had done that six months ago, there would not be a dead person on our hands right now.

Sumter Police Chief Russell F. Roark III declined an interview request on Thursday, with a spokesperson citing the ongoing investigation.

Sumter Police said that ongoing issues over the course of the last 24 months led the department to request the alcohol license revocation this week.

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