Murdaugh family’s hunting lodge sold for $3.9 million

During the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh, media was allowed to visit the family's Moselle hunting property and view the exterior of the main house.
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 2:38 PM EDT
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COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WHNS/Gray News) – The deed for the sale of Moselle, the Murdaugh family’s hunting lodge in South Carolina, was filed on Wednesday.

The family made national headlines after disbarred lawyer Alex Murdaugh was convicted of killing his wife, Maggie and son, Paul Murdaugh in June 2021.

According to the real estate title, the 1,700-acre property was purchased by James Ayer and Jeffrey Godley for $3.9 million.

Before the sale of the Murdaugh’s infamous Moselle property could be finalized, eight attorneys had to work out where the money would go.

Money from the sale will go toward Alex Murdaugh’s outstanding legal fees, Buster Murdaugh, victims in the 2019 boat crash and Palmetto State Bank.

The Murdaugh family is named in a number of civil suits, many stemming from the 2019 fatal boat crash that killed Mallory Beach. Paul was facing charges in relation to the crash at the time of his murder.

It is unclear what is planned for the Moselle property.