Kershaw Co. Sheriff opens boutique for crime victims

Donation Boutique opens for crime victims
Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST
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LUGOFF, S.C. (WIS) - The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) has entered the boutique clothing business for crime victims within their jurisdiction.

The Blue Line Boutique (BLB) is a clothing and goods store for criminal victims working to better their lives. Now a nonprofit, BLB is independent of the KSCO but remains under its purview.

“This is just one more step, one more thing that we want to do for the victims in Kershaw County. Because they’re the main reason we’re doing our jobs. We’re always out here looking for the bad guys, but we forget about the victims a lot of times,” said Sheriff Lee Boan at the grand opening on Friday.

The BLB, located behind KCSO headquarters in Lugoff, was originally geared towards the betterment of domestic violence victims either in the KCSO system or referred to by a local agency.

Everything inside the boutique is either donated through or supplied by the KSCO.

“Nothing in here has been purchased. it’s strictly donations from the community. There is no monetary exchange. Everything is free. We received it from the community, and we will be giving it back to the community free of charge,” said Deputy Cristin Clark, KCSO’s Law Enforcement Victim Advocate.

Thanks to an abundance of clothing donations following the program’s announcement 16 months ago, the doors are now open for any victims in Kershaw County. This includes but is not limited to assault, battery, or domestic violence victims.

Clark told WIS the purpose of BLB is to allow victims to acquire clothes for events such as job interviews and court appearances. This is because some victims must rebuild from the ground up.

BLB’s newly established 501(c)(3) non-profit status gives them the ability to collect cash donations to expand their service mission.

“If we need to purchase an item that somebody needs that we don’t have on hand, we can go get that for them. We’ll also be able to if they’re on the scene and they’re needing to get out of a dangerous situation… we’ll be able to utilize those funds to get them shelter in a hotel, or somewhere,” said Clark.

For those interested in donating or participating, KSCO is asking you to call their front desk at 803-425-1512.

Deputy Clark’s extension is 1115. The KSCO’s embedded mental health clinician, Cristina Miller, can be reached at ext. 1108.

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