Earthquakes, food trucks, and tattoo shops among most googled terms in South Carolina for 2022

FILE: In this Dec. 14, 2020, photo, the Google logo is seen above the company's HQ.
FILE: In this Dec. 14, 2020, photo, the Google logo is seen above the company's HQ.(Ben Nuttall / CC BY-SA 2.0)
Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 2:24 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Wednesday Google released its 22nd annual Year in Search results. The data offers insights into the most searched questions and trending topics on the search engine.

Across the globe, the top three news searches were for ‘Ukraine’, ‘Queen Elizabeth passing’ and, ‘Election results.’ Worldwide the top trending search for 2022 was ‘Wordle.’

Google said South Carolinians were equally curious on the platform. The top trending ‘near me’ results for the Columbia area were for ‘earthquakes.’ Florence was the only place in the United States that had ‘best tattoo shops’ in its top trending ‘near me’ searches. Charleston was the only place in the country that had ‘newt’ as its top trending animal.

Columbia searched for ‘food trucks near me’ more than anywhere else in the U.S. The city was also one of only two places in the country that had ‘korean BBQ’ as a top trending ‘near me.’ The only other location was in Florence, SC.

The full listing of Year in Search 2022 can be found at the link here.

The company said highlights from the 2022 trending searches in South Carolina include:

How to become (Career):

· Substitute teacher

· Law professor

· Notary in GA

· Aesthetic nurse

· Patent attorney

· Neurologist

· Bail bondsman

· Freight broker in SC

· Cosmetic nurse

· Athletic trainer

How to learn:

· Cyber security

· To ride a motorcycle without owning one

· Guitar with Rocksmith

· Greek phrases

· Spanish on your own

· Guitar music theory

· ASL at home

· Computer skills

· To play piano

· Violin

How to move to:

· Mexico

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