Columbia neighborhood catches burglaries on cam

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 9:16 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Two Columbia neighbors caught burglaries of their homes on camera and are hoping to get the word out.

Both burglaries happened in the Cross Hill neighborhood, near Kilbourne Road and Fort Jackson Boulevard.

The homeowners independently told WIS their homes were targeted during the dinner hour when nobody was home. Additionally, they reported that their back doors were kicked in.

The Columbia Police Department is investigating both burglaries but did not return a request for comment on this story.

The details provided by the neighbors fit the pattern outlined by the Forest Acres Police Department in November when it raised the alarm about a sting of burglaries along the border of the Forest Acres and Columbia.

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The first neighbor to contact WIS requested his identity and the location of his home be withheld. Columbia Police Department records show his home was burglarized the night of Dec. 2.

He told WIS he set up a camera aiming toward his backdoor in the aftermath of WIS’ original story on recent burglaries.

He captured this video:

He also provided WIS with these two screenshots of the suspect.

Burglaries have been increasing in Columbia and Forest Acres
Burglaries have been increasing in Columbia and Forest Acres((VIEWER/WIS TV))

“All the drawers were pulled open, I’d say the master bedroom was the worst, they dumped every single drawer out on the ground, they pulled everything out of the closet, threw it on the bed,” he said.

He told WIS his family lost family treasures, electronics and guns.

The homeowner had a message for neighbors:”Take your home security seriously, be vigilant, get an alarm system or something to deter them because cameras really don’t seem to scare them,” he said.

Nearby, Catherine Savage’s home was burglarized on the night of Nov. 30. She had an alarm, which she credits with driving off the burglar quickly.

Her home system caught these videos:

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She expressed frustration with the burglar.

“Go get a job, you’re not even good at what you’re doing.”

Savage said her family had lived in the home for 18 years without incident.

“Leave us alone, like it’s not right. We work real hard for what we have, you know and have built here. The security of living here for 18 years with none of this and now it’s starting, it’s just real unnerving. We want them off the streets,” she said.

It’s unclear if the two burglaries are related or if the houses were burglarized by the same person or people.

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