“Her mom just put her in the car with me and took off, nobody believes me,” father accused of killing 6-month-old speaks out

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 10:45 PM EST
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NEWBERRY, S.C. (WIS) - A father was arrested last month in Prosperity, SC for the death of his 6-month-old daughter.

Investigators say 38-year-old Colie Dawkins was the last one to see his daughter alive.

He says the case against him has no merit and he does not know how the child died.

Dawkins says he is devastated about Legacy’s death but stands firmly on the account that he did not harm her that night or any night before.

6-month-old Legacy Dawkins was unrestrained and unresponsive in the back seat of his car.

He says he was trying to take care of his daughter and ended up in a bad situation.

“I had no bottle, I had nothing, her mom just put her in the car with me and took off, nobody believes me nobody is telling this story...this call will be terminated in two minutes.”

Dawkins spoke to WIS over the phone from the Newberry County Detention Center.

One thing he knows for sure is that there was no agreement for him to take Legacy back to his home in Greenville.

“This is always spontaneous. I just come see the baby or I call her and tell her I’m coming to see the baby,” said Dawkins.

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Dawkins said he and Legacy’s mother, Jameisha, were in a relationship at the time and whenever he would go see Legacy, the three of them would stay at a hotel. Collie says on Oct. 23, he arrived before Jameisha at the location and when she did not arrive he called her.

Dawkins says, “She was already intoxicated. I could tell because she was talking crazy.”

He then traveled to Jameisha’s uncle’s house. He and Jameisha had a few drinks – but he says when Jameisha started smoking, they argued over the baby’s health – and then the uncle kicked them both out of the house.

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“This is where the story gets misconstrued as to how the baby got with me. I leave the house first. I got to my car, and I asked Jameisha, you are coming to the room? She says no I ain’t coming to no effing room here. She put the baby in the car, no diaper bag, no nothing, nothing and she does this type of stuff all the time,” said Dawkins.

He says Jameisha left with a friend from her uncle’s house. He began driving around while trying to call her. At one point, he says Legacy started crying, so he pulled over to give her a pacifier. Shortly after, he got a flat tire, so he pulled over at a gas station in Prosperity, where he was later arrested.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster would not tell WIS what evidence implicates Colie but says no one else had contact with the infant after her father took custody.

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“He was responsible to provide not only care for the child but measures to protect the life. When the deputy found the child, she was non-responsive. We believe that the child had actually been deceased for a while,” said Sheriff Foster.

“I know I shouldn’t be facing no homicide by child abuse case because I never physically hurt any of my children. I would never do that. I never put my hands on my child, I never hurt any child, especially an infant. That’s insane,” said Dawkins.

WIS asked sheriff Foster, would Jameisha possibly be facing charges for leaving Legacy without a child seat but he stated that would be up to the solicitor.

Colie also tells WIS that Jameisha on occasion has threatened to harm Legacy.

“Come get your baby or I’m going to kill this baby always trying to blame it on postpartum. When she gets drunk, she gets violent, and she gets angry. When she’s not drinking, she gets angry, because she doesn’t have a drink. It’s like nobody believes my side of the story, but her family knows she has an alcohol problem. She gets violent with them. She’s done this so many times,” Dawkins said.

The solicitor responded with a statement to our request for an interview today.

Statement from solicitor: “We look forward to continue working this case and preparing for trial with Sheriff Foster and his deputies in the coming months. As with anyone charged with a crime, this defendant remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

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