1 infected with Salmonella in SC, linked to small turtles

Image depicting Salmonella
Image depicting Salmonella(MGN Online)
Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 7:06 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 15 people have been infected with a strain of Salmonella in eleven states, including one South Carolina.

CDC officials say small turtles-shells less than four inches long--are making people sick.

They say most people reported buying small turtles online and half were purchased from a website called myturtlestore.com, despite the federal law banning the sale of small turtles as pets.

According to the CDC, turtles with shells longer than four inches should be purchased from a reputable pet store or rescue.

A person should also wash hands after feeding, touching, or caring for the pet turtle to reduce any chance of becoming sick.

Below are some of the symptoms of Salmonella which occur six hours to six days after being exposed:

  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • stomach cramps

These symptoms can last anywhere from four to seven days, but most people recover without treatment; others are hospitalized.

For more information about the outbreak, visit cdc.gov.