Tips on how to keep your pet calm during firework displays

Published: Jul. 3, 2022 at 6:30 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -As officials prepare for thousands to descend on Savannah’s riverfront for fireworks displays.

Local adoption experts are sounding the alarm over this noise that could potentially scare your pet causing it to get loose.

“We’re going to see a lot of dogs in the shelters,” Jennifer Miller, Renegades Paw Rescue said.

Volunteers with Renegades Paw Rescue urge pet owners to leave their animals at home this Independence Day as fireworks shows can cause anxiety in dogs and cats.

“So, for first time pet owners who haven’t seen this behavior before, you might see your dog pacing. You might see them escape into the bathroom, into a corner in the house to frantically try to get away,” Miller said.

To help ease the nerves of your pooch volunteers say to give your animal a quiet space with access to white noise.

“So, dishwashers, washing machines box fans, A/C units, exhaust fans all of those things, even a TV could really help your dog in that situation.”

They say it’s also important to have your pet microchipped or at the very least wearing a labeled collar to help shelters reconnect animals who do runaway with their owners.

“They will become incoherent and run into traffic and jut around the neighborhood, jut around the town until they’re in search of a place that’s safe for them.”

Surrounding your pet with toys and treats is also another way to help calm your pet as fireworks are set to light up the sky.

“Let’s just try to plan ahead for our animals.”

And the community comes together to celebrate America’s birthday.

“The best part is we’ve got visitors from all over and we’re bringing them into the Savannah community and it’s always a great time,” Tyler Gray, Plant Riverside District said.

Another tip that volunteers mentioned was to play fireworks noises online while your pet is in the room while giving them positive reinforcement like treats.

That way your pet will be prepared when the real fireworks start.

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