No charges from solicitor in RCSD shooting of Irvin Moorer-Charley

In this image from the body camera video of Richland County Sherrif's Deputy John Anderson,...
In this image from the body camera video of Richland County Sherrif's Deputy John Anderson, Irvin D. Moorer Charley, 34, holds a piece of wood as he walks towards Anderson, who is backpedaling, in Columbia, S.C. Moorer Charley was shot and killed after deputies responded to a call about domestic violence. (Deputy John Anderson/Richland County Sheriff's Department via AP)(John Anderson | AP)
Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 5:18 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - No charges will be filed against two deputies involved in the shooting death of a Richland County man.

On March 18, 2022 the Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) sent Deputies John Anderson and Zachary Hentz to a domestic disturbance call at 2407 Heyward Brockington Rd.

During their response the deputies opened fire on the 34-year-old Irvin Moorer-Charley after he charged them while holding a wooden stake.

RCSD released an image of the weapon deputies said Irvin D. Moorer-Charley was holding before...
RCSD released an image of the weapon deputies said Irvin D. Moorer-Charley was holding before he was shot.(RCSD)

RCSD released video and photos that showed the incident with Charley. Sheriff Leon Lott said during a conference after the shooting, “Unfortunately we have those in the community that when they have a mental health episode they become violent, and we get called.” He said, “Yesterday was one of those cases.”

The Fifth Circuit Solicitor Byron E. Gipson said in a statement Tuesday, June 14, 2022 that his offices will not be pursuing charges against the deputies involved. Gipson said his investigation into the incident involved:

  • Follow-up reports
  • Statements from the deputies involved
  • 911 records
  • Two sets of body camera video
  • An in-car camera
  • Forensic reports
  • An independent review by Professor Geoffrey Alpert of the Univ. of SC Dept. of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Independent review by Professor Seth Stoughton Univ. of SC School of Law

Gipson wrote, “I find that Deputy Hentz acted in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws. I further find that the officer’s use of force was reasonably necessary in light of all circumstances gleaned from the investigation.”

Gipson’s investigation found that both deputies use of force was, “applied in good faith based upon the perceptions of a reasonably trained officer and the objectively reasonable facts the officer had at the time of the incident.”

Gipson wrote that the circumstances of the shooting made the use of force by the deputies necessary to protect themselves, Charley’s family and other potential bystanders.

The statement also reads, “The Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office further concludes that there is no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing...,” by the deputies involved.

“The Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office considers this matter closed.”


The family of Charley had previously called for an independent investigation. The family attorney, Shaquana Cuttino, had said in March that they believe the use of force was excessive.

We have embedded the full statement below.

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