‘I felt like a little kid again:’ the Midlands reacts to snow

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Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 7:54 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The Midlands experienced snow for the first time since 2014 Friday night.

The flurries were greeted with a warm welcome from many in the area.

For some, including Gazi and Antora who relocated to the area from Bangladesh, it was the very first time seeing snow.

“We moved here in July, I guess. It was so hot,” Gazi said. “To think the snow is here right now, it’s a miracle.”

For Gazi and Antora’s two-year-old daughter the snow took a little getting used to.

“Yesterday when it was snowing, she was really scared,” Gazi said. “But, today it’s better. I think she’s a summer kid because she loves the sun and the sun and the snow—today it’s the perfect combination.”

Erin Rabon grew up in the Midlands. Now, she’s a student at the University of South Carolina. For her, the snow gave her a little break from her studies.

“I’ve actually lived here my whole life, so the snow is really exciting,” Rabon said. “I didn’t think we’d get it again. Every time they say on the news, ‘It’s going to snow,’ I’ve learned to not get my hopes up, so it’s really exciting. The last time, I was in 6th grade.”

Students Andrew Dawson from Georgia and Mariya Pieris from Sri Lanka also welcomed the snow by joining other students out on the campus’s historic Horseshoe for snowball fights.

“The moment it started, my roommates and I went outside, saw all the snow and had a snowball fight,” said Pieris.

“It was amazing. All of my roommates are from up north, so they were kind of making fun of me, but it was so fun,” Rabon said.

Afterward, the students say they celebrated by drinking hot chocolate and watching movies—bringing back warm childhood memories.

“I initially thought it was just raining, but then I looked and thought, ‘It’s snowing!’ I felt like a little kid again, so it was amazing,” said Dawson.

“It’s nice,” Rabon said. “Starting out the semester is stressful, but it’s fun to just get a weekend to act like you’re a kid.”

Although the snow has mostly melted away, the memories are sure to stay.

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