10-year-old describes being viciously attacked by dog

A 10-year-old is back home from the hospital after he was attacked by a neighborhood dog.
Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 11:34 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV/Gray News) – A 10-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a neighborhood dog while walking home from school.

According to WBTV, Keyan’te Blackmon said he went to pet a pit bull after he was told it was “nice” and he could.

His mom, Jeanetta Blackmon, said her son went to pet the dog, and at first, it garnered no reaction, but when he tried to do it again, the dog attacked.

“When he went to pet the dog a second time, the dog began to growl,” Blackmon said. “He then got scared, turned to run away. As he turned to run away, the dog jumped on him knocked him to the ground and started biting on him.”

Blackmon said the 1-year-old pit bull is usually loose in the neighborhood, and when the child went to pet him, the dog attacked.

“What I saw was just something out of a movie,” Blackmon said. “There was blood everywhere, his face was just gashed open.”

“It started growling and it grabbed me and pulled me down by my face and like started ripping me...ripping my face off,” Keyan’te said. “I was just hoping I wouldn’t die, and I was going to get home quick. I was about to give up but that’s when I hit the dog with my book bag and kicked to get away.”

Physically, Keyan’te should be OK, but his mother says she knows he has emotional challenges ahead. She said her son is terrified and traumatized from what happened.

“This is going to be a long journey,” Blackmon said. “A long journey to get him mentally and physically where he needs to be.”

Keyan’te was released from the hospital Saturday. He’ll be out of school in person until he gets the OK from his doctor.

The dog is under a 10-day rabies quarantine, but after that, Blackmon wants it put down and for the owners to be held responsible.

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