South Carolina leads nation in rate of new COVID-19 cases

(Gray TV)
Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 4:22 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Recent data shows South Carolina has the worst rate of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in the country, just slightly ahead of Alabama and Tennessee.

Dr. Kurt Gambla, the Chief Medical Officer at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, says this is not where he wants the Palmetto State to be.

“This is bad news. We don’t like to be at the bottom of the heap or have the dubious distinction right now of having the highest prevalence of new cases in the country,” he said.

Dr. Gambla explained why its a cause for concern at the hospital.

“It makes us worry about the trend line, and it makes us worry about our resources, and where is this thing going to plateau,” he said.

As far as explanations go for why South Carolina is doing worse than every other state, he says it’s hard to tell what the cause is.

“It’s hard to know. We’re not the worst in terms of vaccinations. I think we’re about number 41, so we’re down near the bottom of the heap but we’re not the worst and so it’s hard to know. There’s a lot of variables in terms of what causes transmission and new cases,” said Dr. Gambla.

Dr. Gambla pointed to the two-week trend line and said its increase could mean this problem might not get better any time soon.

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