Woman loses unvaccinated family members to COVID-19, warns others to get immunized

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 11:24 AM EDT
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COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOU) – A woman in Missouri wants to encourage others to get their COVID-19 vaccine after losing several family members who chose not to get vaccinated.

“The first person that I lost in my family was my brother’s wife,” said Marlene Thomas, who also lost her youngest sister to COVID-19. “She wasn’t improving, and she finally passed away.”

Two family members died, two more are fighting for their lives, at least six are quarantined and a family is left grieving.

“None of them had gotten vaccinated,” Thomas explained.

Thomas said she tried to encourage her sister to vaccinate months ago.

“She didn’t know what the long-term effects of the vaccine would be. Well, COVID-19 was her long term and she’s gone, and I may lose her daughter and husband,” she said.

Thomas said her niece was providing updates about her family, until one day she didn’t pick up the phone.

“It was on a Friday when I called her,” Thomas explained. “Her daughter and husband and all of their children at home got it.”

The Missouri woman says the most recent update to the condition of her niece and husband wasn’t good.

“He was not getting along. He was very bad Saturday and they had called family in,” Thomas said.

Despite the tragedy, she knows one thing is important. Thomas urges people to take this pandemic and vaccinations seriously because it could mean death if they don’t.

Thomas said she was vaccinated before any of this even happened.

“I’d already heard how many people were dying from COVID-19 and I didn’t want to die,” she said.

Thomas said the older children are now taking care of the younger ones while their parents are fighting the virus in hospitals.

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