Three cousins, all expecting twins in October, share an even greater bond

(L to R)
Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, Janeshia Wilson
(L to R) Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, Janeshia Wilson(Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, Janeshia Wilson)
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT
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BOLTON, Miss. (WLBT/Gray News) - They’re so picture-perfect that you’d think this was the plan all along.

“No,” the women laughed out loud. “Not at all,” they echoed each other.

Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, and Janeshia Wilson are cousins through a family patriarch, but the women became like sisters when they found out they were all expecting twins, WLBT-TV reported.

“I think Neshia [Janeshia] posted first, and I saw her post, and I posted mine about a week or two later,” Harper said. “She called me and said you’re pregnant, you’re having twins?!”

Not soon after, through social media, they found out about Stubbs and immediately started a group chat.

“We talk about things we’re experiencing during pregnancy; we go to women’s health events together,” Wilson said.

“And we found out we had the same doctor,” Stubbs laughed.

The women say their husbands and boyfriends are just as excited and ready.

Oct. 3, Stubbs is expecting a girl and a boy. She’s already picked out the names Legend and Truth.

Harper is also welcoming a girl and boy, Hendrix and Houstyn, on Oct. 5.

Oct. 11, Wilson is expecting two boys, who will be named Karsen and Kasen.

Three cousins, all expecting twins in October, share an even greater bond
Three cousins, all expecting twins in October, share an even greater bond(Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, and Janeshia Wilson)

Their chat room turned into play dates.

“We get together, have fun, take pictures, and just experience the journey together,” Wilson said.

“It’s kinda mind-blowing,” Harper said. “The first question that people ask is whether twins run in our family, but no one close to us has twins. We kinda just started a generation of twins out of nowhere.”

But the close-knit trio shares an even stronger connection.

They are all having rainbow babies, which describes a child that’s born after a miscarriage.

It’s symbolic of the beauty and peace of a rainbow that arises after a storm.

“When I first got pregnant, I was scared,” Stubbs said.

“I have good days and bad days, emotionally; it’s a rollercoaster ride,” Wilson confessed.

The women admit they get tired and have fears like anyone else, but in spite of it all, the easiest part about expecting this time around is they have each other.

“A lot of things go through our heads daily, like being a perfect mom, knowing that we’re not gonna be perfect, but the pro of it is that we get to experience this together,” Wilson said.

“I’m not afraid anymore because I’m not alone,” Stubbs smiled.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Harper added.

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