7-year-old gets extra special escort to final cancer treatment

7-Year-Old Escorted to Cancer Treatment

CRANSTON, R.I. (NBC News Channel) - A 7-year-old boy just completed his final treatment at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and everyone wanted to wish him well.

On a brisk Tuesday morning the chill you’d feel outside of Rhodes Elementary School in Cranston isn’t from the temperature.

“To see it was an outer body experience,” said Gina Armstrong, Principal at Rhodes Elementary. “This was just an amazing experience.”

Students and staff are offering up a good luck, as a first grader here heads to Hasbro Children’s Hospital for the night, for one final cancer treatment.

“The entire community has been excited to celebrate this amazing boy,” said Armstrong.

“This is very inspirational to drive by here and see his entire school out here and that’s Cranston,” said Ken Hopkins, Cranston Mayor.

After dropping him off, they’re back to pick him up.

The extra special escort courtesy of first responders was founded by Cranston first responders Rebekah and David Neri after their own son Lorenzo completed treatment for Leukemia.

“The child we’re doing this for today yesterday had to ask himself if he was dreaming or not, it was something really special,” said David Neri.

“We were looking for a way to make this last day special,” said Rebekah Neri.

Their brothers and sisters in blue were there to cheer him on. And now they’ve offered the opportunity to others calling it ‘Enzo’s Escorts’

“There were children that we had gone through treatment with we felt they deserved the same type of treatment Lorenzo did,” said Rebekah Neri.

Today, this brave boy is heading home.

“It should be celebratory, it should be something special when they come off this treatment,” said David Neri.

With his head held high like the horses, an escort in a limo will lead him to a new chapter.

“We’re acknowledging the warriors they are and the fight that they fought,” said Rebekah Neri.

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