My Take: SC Litter Control Week

Updated: Apr. 14, 2021 at 11:27 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) -The Great South Carolina Clean Up is underway.

In recent editorials, we have called out state leaders about how South Carolina has lost its shine to all garbage lining our roadways.

This week state troopers and other law enforcement will write tickets for anyone they see throwing trash out their vehicles or debris falling from commercial trucks.

If you get caught, littering carries a fine of up to $100 or 30 days in jail and eight hours of community service.

South Carolina Lt. Governor Pamela Evette says everyone needs to be held accountable.

She says, “We want South Carolinians to step up to the plate. Be good citizens of our state and not customers of our state. Good Citizens do not litter, they want businesses to come here.”

Since WIS was one of the first voices to sound off on the statewide litter epidemic, let me say, that we are happy to see this action take place.

However, let’s be honest, we need more than just one week dedicated to addressing the eyesore.

And if the state really wanted to enforce the law, they would place signs along highways to provide a clear message or provide harsher penalties.

Litter is one of our region’s most unnecessary and preventable environmental problems.

South Carolinians need to work toward addressing these challenges instead of just turning a blind eye to the problem.

And That’s My Take, What’s Yours?

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