Janssen weekly vaccine allocation to drop by 88% next week for South Carolina

Janssen weekly vaccine allocation to drop by 88% next week for South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - New data from the Centers for Disease Control shows South Carolina’s allocation of Janssen COVID-19 vaccine doses is expected to nosedive next week as part of a national trend.

Nationwide, the CDC reports the week of April 12′s allocation is slated to drop by 86% or 4.2 million doses, as compared to April 5.

South Carolina is slated to see an 88% drop.

The week of April 5, South Carolina was allocated 73,500 doses, while on the 12th it will receive 8,700.

The drop comes just days after news broke of an estimated 15 million doses being ruined in manufacturer error in Baltimore.

The delivery of Janssen doses to the United States has been inconsistent, but the April 12 allocation represents the lowest since March 22.

In the regularly scheduled call with journalists on Friday, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Interim Public Health Director Brannon Traxler said the drop is bad timing.

“We are disappointed any time we see especially such a sharp decrease in the supply, especially at a very critical time in the vaccination efforts. When more and more of the mobile and pop-up clinics and mass vaccination sites are being planned, because those often rely on the logistical and delivery ease of the Janssen vaccine,” she said.

She said those logistical problems predominantly revolve around storage.

“In many instances, a provider who is able to store and administer the Janssen vaccine, which is able to be maintained at just refrigeration temperatures, are not equipped or able to store the Moderna of Pfizer. They have to be at that frozen or ultra-frozen temperatures,” she said.

Traxler said DHEC has been told to expect supply issues with Janssen for a few weeks but has been provided no concrete timeline.

The roll-out of the Janssen vaccine has helped South Carolina speed up its roll-out because it requires only one shot as compared to the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

As of April 7, DHEC reports the 67,916 recipients of the vaccine are fully vaccinated. That group represents 7.8 percent of South Carolina’s fully vaccinated population of 865,298 as of that date.

DHEC data shows as of April 7, there were 52,096 doses of Janssen with providers that had not yet been administered.

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