Pro-Trump attorney from GA moved to SC, now challenging SC GOP chairman

Hundreds of Republicans packed the Greenville Hilton to cheer for Lin Wood

Pro-Trump attorney from GA moved to SC, now challenging SC GOP chairman
Wood is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. (Source: WYFF)

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WYFF) - Cheers erupted from the mostly un-masked crowd that packed a Hilton hotel ballroom Tuesday in Greenville, South Carolina.

Over 400 Republicans from across the state had come to see a pro-Trump attorney who openly supports numerous conspiracy theories and is currently under federal investigation for suspected voter fraud in Georgia.

Lin Wood, 68, insists that he didn’t plan on getting into politics, but that divine intervention and a desire to support his neighbors are behind his campaign to become the next chairman for South Carolina’s Grand Old Party.

“In February, specifically Feb. 1, because I posted about it you know it’s time to close the book on Georgia, and open a new book and live in South Carolina. The thought of politics never crossed my mind. I wasn’t even approached until maybe two weeks ago,” said Wood.

He is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, but the 45th president endorsed the current chairman of the SC GOP, Drew McKissik.

“It’s nice to be appreciated. You get an endorsement like that from the president of the United States it’s always a great day,” said McKissick, who has served as SC GOP Chairman since 2017. “But I have to share the sentiments he gave and that endorsement with the other folks in our party. I mean, everybody who was on the team in this past cycle helped make that happen.”

Wood was the keynote speaker at Tuesday nights’ ‘The SC Peoples’ America FIRST,’ MAGA Republican Platform Event, where he spoke for over 45 minutes before speaking with ralliers and signing autographs.

“If Donald Trump endorsed Mr. McKissick, I still love Donald Trump,” said Wood, “Nothings going to change my mind about a man that I believe is doing God’s will for this country, that stands for patriotism. That cares about freedom. A man that has fought for four years and is going to continue to fight for you the people - Donald Trump is my friend.”

At the other end of the hotel, in a different ballroom, the Greenville SC GOP held sign-ups to be delegates for the party.

Many from the MAGA event got in the delegate line following Wood’s remarks.

“These people are signing up here tonight to be the decision-makers on who runs the Republican Party for the next two years,” said Nate Leupp, Chairman of the Greenville Republican Party.

Leupp is stepping down from this role, encouraging anyone interested to run.

The SC GOP Convention where new party leadership will be selected is in May.

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