Lake Murray beach goers upset over closed park

Lake Murray beach goers upset over closed park

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Some bad news for beach goers at Lake Murray: the public access beach will remain closed this year.

The gate is closed and locked and Dominion Energy says it will stay that way for now.

Charise Rosati moved to Irmo because she said COVID-19 restrictions were bad up north. Now she’s learning COVID is closing her beach at the Lake Murray Dam.

“I think that’s pretty ridiculous,” Rosati said. “My son and I were heading there after here.”

She’s not the only one who’s upset. Nahgzi Morris likes to put her feet in the sand -- which she can’t do on the boat dock side of the park, where she’s forced to go now.

“I usually sit on the sand,” Morris said. “I feel like you can get closer to the water with the sand because there’s not rocks blocking it off.”

Dominion Energy said it closed the park to protect the health and safety of visitors and the general public.

WIS asked if the beach park would open this year and the company said there are no plans to open it yet.

The boat dock side is open, which doesn’t make sense to Morris.

“What’s the difference?” she said. “Honestly you look over here -- people can be close, and you look over there it’s no different. I don’t understand that at all honestly.”

As for Rosati, she’s hoping officials will change their mind for summer.

“I hope they open the beaches and let people live their lives,” she said.

Dominion asks that boaters follow CDC guidelines and social distance in large groups.

The company added that the beach is not closed permanently but is just closed now due to COVID safety restrictions.

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