Lexington Baptist Church goes to the ballpark for Easter

VIDEO: Lexington Baptist Church goes to the ballpark for Easter

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Easter Sunday looked different this year for Lexington Baptist Church.

In an effort to provide an open-air gathering place that allowed for social distancing, the church hosted two services at the Lexington County Baseball Stadium, home of the amateur Lexington County Blowfish.

Executive Pastor Mark Owens said the planning of the services was a months-long process. He credited the church staff and Blowfish owner Bill Shanahan for making the event possible.

“We just felt like after the year that we’ve had going through the pandemic that we needed to come out to the ballpark, and needed to be in an open-air space, gather as a community, gather as a church, gather as God’s family,” Owens said.

In 2020, the church’s Easter service was virtual.

In centerfield, the church set up a large stage complete with lights, a camera crew and screens.

Churchgoers filled the lower bowl of the stadium and sat in the infield, singing praises and worshipping.

Parishioner Rob Glass emphasized what it meant to come together.

“We’re just thrilled about this, about everybody being able to come together -- not only within our group, but other people in the neighborhood,” he said.

Owens said it’s unclear if the ballpark service will become an annual tradition, but talks have started about returning to the park next year.

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