Newly eligible South Carolinians use walk-in clinic for vaccination

Newly eligible South Carolinians use walk-in clinic for vaccination

HOLLY HILL, S.C. (WIS) - South Carolina residents ages 16 and older can now get a COVID-19 vaccine, and some wasted no time.

A handful of younger residents went to the Holly Hill Depot, where Family Health Centers held the latest in a series of walk-in vaccination clinics for Orangeburg County community.

The organization estimates 150 doses were given in total, with 60 first doses.

One of those first doses was 47-year-old Jerry Young. He said he’s lost an aunt and an uncle to the disease.

“I just felt it was something good you know? I feel all the young folks they need come out and take it, take advantage of it. They think it’s a joke, but this pandemic is real. This corona is taking people out,” said Young.

Young he’s a truck driver that travels the continental United States, so getting the vaccine would ease his concern about himself and his family.

“Being away from my family, just riding and taking care of a whole other world. Making sure I don’t come back home with it, with the corona, hurt my family members. So I’m being on the safe side, doing what I’m supposed to,” said Young.

50-year-old Rick Blackburn said his work makes him travel as well. He said he’s eager to be safe.

“I know there was a lot of people coming in when they might have to fabricate some kind of health issue to get in. This is the first time it feels like I’m able to do it following the rules, so that’s why I’m here,” said Blackburn.

Family Health Centers was only able to assist residents who are 18 and older because of restrictions on the Moderna vaccine. Those ages 16 and 17 will need to take the Pfizer vaccine, you can find more information on where to book appointments here.

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