105-year-old Heartland woman survives 2 pandemics

105-year-old Heartland woman survives 2 pandemics

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI (KFVS) - A Heartland senior just received her first COVID-19 vaccination, in an effort to keep living an active life.

At 105-years-old, Velma Finger has seen it all, including two pandemics.

In 1917, Velma Finger was living near Advance, Missouri when her mother got the Spanish Flu.

“Nobody knew what to do in those days. We just did everything by ear,” she said.

Velma said she still recalls the events surrounding the first pandemic.

“My mother had it and they didn’t think it was no way that she could survive it. It was so severe,” she said.

Thankfully she did.

Now Velma said she can see similarities in today’s pandemic.

“I think we’ll make it through, I may not see it,” she said.

Linda McGill is Velma’s home aid caretaker.

McGill spends as much time with her as possible.

“Who’s Velma Finger? She’s, don’t ask me that, I can’t explain her. She’s that wonderful. She’s beyond explaining to anybody,” said McGill.

Velma is best described as a woman with a big heart and a kind soul.

“We all need someone to share with. And we all need someone to love. To be able to go on in this life,” said McGill.

“If I go today or tomorrow, I think God has blessed me with years and I hope he blesses you,” said Velma.

Velma Finger gets her second COVID-19 vaccination in three weeks and turns 106 in July.

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