‘Leave me here and let me die’: Strawberry shares path to religion

‘Leave me here and let me die’: Strawberry shares path to religion

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Darryl Strawberry’s inner light shines far away from the diamond these days.

On Tuesday, at Columbia International University, the former Major League Baseball star shared his transformational story. He was a guest speaker at the John Maxwell Leadership Summit at CIU.

Strawberry spent 17 seasons in the bigs. During his playing days, Strawberry abused alcohol and drugs.

Strawberry says his wife guided him out of darkness. A journey to the cross that began 21 years ago.

“I was shooting dope and smoking crack,” Strawberry recollected. “I was three-million dollars in debt. I didn’t have a driver’s license. She was banging on doors and pulling me out, saying God has a plan for you.”

“I said, why don’t you and that God just leave me here and let me die. She said you’re just not that lucky.”

The crowd in attendance at CIU chuckled at that last line. Strawberry continued to share his testimony on his path toward God and away from self-destruction.

“So, while everybody else was laughing, God used her to lead me back to the cross,” Strawberry continued. “My life would go onto change forever.”

“I remember all the guys that I played with and had success with in baseball. When I said I was following God and was going this way and following biblical principles, they all laughed at me.”

Strawberry says it’s been 18 years since fully embracing his new life path. And, he and his wife have been married for 14 years: a relationship for which he’s grateful.

His wife’s love carried him through. That type of love and support is something Strawberry believes is missing from our society to help those in need.

“That’s the part of people loving people,” Strawberry said. “I think we’ve gotten away from that in this nation. Loving and caring for each other. People are hurting.”

“When we see what’s happening to our younger people, they are lost. That’s what the enemy wants. He wants to keep them lost. He doesn’t want them to know the truth. He doesn’t want them to know God.”

“If they do, their life could be changed like my life was changed. He’s the only one that can change the situation. God used my wife to lead me back to the Lord and put me on a foundation to stand as a man today.”

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