My Take: Citizens clean up the Midlands

Updated: Mar. 18, 2021 at 6:15 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Have you noticed your commute is a little bit cleaner these days?

It appears that state officials have heard our cries and yours demanding action on the offensive litter problem we have in South Carolina and the Midlands.

We hope this will be a priority for the Governor and other state leaders moving forward.

For too many years our beautiful state has suffered from this sickening problem of roadside trash.

But here in the Columbia area, we are now seeing volunteers like the Boy Scouts and kids training at Genova Family Karate step up to help clean up. We spoke to Mike Genova, owner of Genova Family Karate. Mike says after watching our previous editorial he felt inspired to address the terrible blemish.

Last weekend, Mike organized a litter cleanup day in Northeast Columbia. He says the group effort between his students, the Boy Scouts, and Palmetto Pride resulted in over 50 bags of trash collected. We thank Mike and all participants for treasuring our community.

Now is the time to raise awareness and prevent future generations from making the same mistakes. Mike made a few suggestions. One way to put an end to littering is by educating children, while they are in school. Children need a sense of pride. We should teach them not to ignore the obvious and become community stewards.

Businesses can also assist by picking up debris in parking lots. Trash outside your business makes customers not want to visit.

But worse, it encourages others to litter.

We will continue to push state leaders to address this growing epidemic, but most importantly take measures to clean up. And to everyone responsible for leaving the hideous scars behind...South Carolina

is not a dumping ground for your trash. And That’s My Take What’s Yours?

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