Furry Friend Fridays: Meet Simmons

Furry Friend Fridays: Meet Simmons

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Meet Simmons, a 2-year-old cat with a long story but a loving personality.

When Simmons was a kitten, he was hit by an SUV and nearly killed. The poor little guy suffered a fractured spine and hip and a broken tail, among other injuries. He underwent surgery and, with the help of a foster, survived the ordeal and has recovered to the best of his ability.

Though he has a crooked tail and needs special food, he is normal cat who can run, play, snuggle and give nose boops!

But Simmons does need some special attention.

He eats special food because his nerves leading to his bladder were damaged when he was hit. That also means he needs his bladder expressed four times a day. However, since he’s been doing this since he was a kitten, he’s “very cooperative,” his foster said. He also needs a daily rear-end cleaning which his foster said is very manageable.

Simmons’ vice is he loves to eat -- anything and everything! So his new home will need to make sure he eats his special food and nothing else. He cannot be given soft toys because he will try to eat those, as well. His foster said this is very important to his health.

While Simmons gets along with other dogs and cats, he would prefer his own cat tower or bedroom so he can’t get into things he shouldn’t when he’s not supervised. His foster said a family who is home often would be great.

Now that Simmons has been nursed back to life by his foster, he is really looking for a home to call his own. He is neutered and his foster said he knows how to be a gentleman for any new family members.

Won’t you give him a chance?

For more information, visit Pawmetto Lifeline Animal Shelter at 1275 Bower Pkwy in Columbia or give them a call at 803-465-9150.

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