WIS hosts new series with Claflin on ‘SC Superstars, CU Student Athletes and Social Justice’

WATCH: SC Superstars, CU Student Athletes and Social Justice - Alex English

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - WIS has partnered with Claflin University to spotlight community leaders in South Carolina.

The brand new virtual forum, “SC Superstars, CU Student Athletes, and Social Justice,” will be a monthly event viewers can watch live on wistv.com.

Its purpose is to engage the South Carolina community around various issues, particularly social justice.

The series will connect students in our state with outstanding South Carolina athletes who have a remarkably positive impact on the national stage through athletics and social justice.

In its first iteration on Wednesday, Feb. 24, WIS spoke to one of the greatest basketball players of all-time from South Carolina -- Alex English.

English was selected as the first speaker in this series because of his love of South Carolina, his remarkable Pro-Basketball Hall of Fame career, and his steadfast commitment throughout his life to social justice.

During the event, the former Dreher High and UofSC basketball standout shared his incredible story, discussed what social justice means to him, offered advice to today’s students, and answered several questions from CU student-athletes.

WIS Sports Anchor Joe Gorchow will serve as the presenter and moderator for the series, in direct partnership with the Director of Claflin’s Center for Social Justice, Dr. Belinda Wheeler.

Wheeler is an Australian-born sports junkie who also serves as Claflin University’s ADID (Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee). One-hundred-percent committed to student success, the South Carolina community, and social justice (statewide, nationally, and internationally), Wheeler created the “SC Superstars, CU Student Athletes, and Social Justice” series.

She hopes the series will bring the community closer together and create a more equal and equitable society.

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