My Take: Responses to cleaning up South Carolina editorial

Updated: Feb. 12, 2021 at 10:08 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Last week we received a large response to the editorial concerning litter on our roads.

I want to share a few emails from the public, but first let’s revisit the topic.

Drivers are spoiling the beauty of South Carolina when they throw trash from their cars.

We must recognize roadside litter is an avoidable problem. Education, enforcement, engagement and policy and legislation all have a role to play.

We reached out to City of West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles about the issue. He gave us the following statement:

“Our code compliance and police departments work together to address litter issues. We have also engaged in campaigns and projects to raise awareness and promote personal responsibility. We have also placed twin-the-bin trashcans throughout the City along roadways to provide more opportunities for people to properly dispose of their recyclables and trash.”

State and city leaders must address the litter issue and take it seriously.

Stopping people from littering will require a shift in mindsets.

An email from viewer LC WATTS said:

“Please do more editorials on this on a consistent basis or start playing the old public service announcement from the 70′s with the Indian crying! Whatever it takes to make people more aware, because trash is EVERYWHERE in Columbia and this is so ugly.”

Another viewer, Randy Jones, wrote in saying:

“I’ve called Orangeburg County Litter Control, but they have done nothing. Another serious issue is the trash that is run over by the grass cutting crews. I have seen mattresses shredded and all kinds of trash just cut up into a bigger mess by these highway workers.”

Connie Vaughn volunteers with Palmetto Pride.

She offered a few suggestions to tackle the daily, dangerous eyesores on our streets and roads.

“All counties (should) start a campaign of asking folks to sweep their own front porch,” she said. “If every business and residents simply walked to the edges of their properties and picked up litter, before you know it, our state will have a good start of being litter free.”

Thank you, Connie, for caring.

Now is the time for state leaders to step up and make a positive change.

Litter is not only a bad reflection on South Carolina but comes at a terrible cost to our economy and environment.

We can do better.

That’s My Take, What’s Yours?

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