First Lady Jill Biden’s prayer partner in the Midlands to pray at 59th Inaugural Prayer Service

First Lady Jill Biden’s prayer partner in the Midlands to pray at 59th Inaugural Prayer Service

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - First Lady Jill Biden’s prayer partner in the Midlands to pray at 59th Inaugural Prayer Service

President Joe Biden will attend the 59th Inaugural Prayer Service Thursday morning as part of his first full day in office.

The lineup of 32 speakers includes interfaith leaders from across the country. Among them will be one speaker from the Midlands that First Lady Jill Biden said in a PBS interview in 2020 helped restore her faith after her stepson Beau Biden passed away from brain cancer.

Robin Jackson, the first lady of Brookland Baptist Church, will be giving a prayer during Thursday’s service. Jackson said she met the Bidens in May 2019 when President Joe Biden and First Lady Biden attended church here at Brookland Baptist Church during a visit to South Carolina.

“That was a magnificent day,” Jackson said recalling her experience meeting the Bidens.

Jackson said it was during that service that she asked Jill Biden if she could be her prayer partner and a special friendship formed between the two over the last year and a half.

She said during the service, President Biden and First Lady Biden got emotional listening to the choir.

“As they listened to the choir, President Biden reached over to me and said, Oh my! This sounds so beautiful. It reminds me of my son’s funeral,’” Jackson said.

Jackson said seeing the emotion on both the Bidens’ faces, she could tell it brought back painful memories. She said something came over her, and she felt called to ask Dr. Biden a question.

“I said, ‘Jill, it’s ok,’” Jackson said. “‘Would you mind me just praying with you? I would like to be your prayer partner.’”

After exchanging phone numbers on the church bulletin, Robin said she began praying for Jill every day and texting her every Wednesday.

“I text her every Wednesday mid-week just to let her know that I am praying for you and for our president,” Jackson said.

Jackson said Dr. Biden’s response surprised her.

“Jill would text me back, and I know she was too busy to text me back,” Jackson said. “But she would always text me back, and say, ‘Thank you, my friend. I needed that.’”

Jackson said she was shocked and humbled when she was asked last week to be a part of Thursday’s prayer service.

Jackson’s prayer will be heard by a larger crowd tomorrow, but she said it will be one that continues to be one lifting up the Bidens and the United States of America.

“I prayed our nation would return,” Jackson said. “That there would be love, there would be peace, and we would come together as we were intended to be from the beginning.”

First Lady Biden said in the interview earlier this year with PBS that it’s her prayer partnership with a woman that she met at a church service in South Carolina that after five years gave her back her faith.

The Inaugural prayer service tomorrow will be a virtual event hosted by the Washington National Cathedral. It will take place at 10 a.m. and can be seen by visiting this link.

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