Beamer calls Bobo’s departure a ‘unique situation’

Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo
Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo(WIS)
Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 3:24 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Loyalty and trust matter most to Gamecocks head football coach Shane Beamer.

These two traits are essential to him as he continues to piece together his first coaching staff at Carolina.

“When I find out somebody tells me one thing but means another, I have a problem trusting that guy,” exclaimed Beamer. “I’m doing my best to make sure we have those guys that I know when they tell me something [that] I can take it to the bank.”

Last week, Beamer met with his current coaching staff to remind them that he chose them to be here.

“I wanted to go fight with them,” Beamer said. “Are there obstacles here? Are there challenges right now? Sure. When you get hired as a new head football coach in the SEC, it’s not because things are great. There are problems. I don’t want to hear what the problems are. Tell me the solutions so we can attack this thing and get it right. That’s the conversation I had with our staff. I told them I believed in them. I wanted to fight like heck with them to get this thing going forward. If anybody in that room didn’t feel the way I felt, no hard feelings. Let me know. They all assured me they’re with me.”

One former member of the staff he chose early on to be part of the solution, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, bolted for a new gig last week. Bobo, who previously served as the Gamecocks interim head coach, informed Beamer last Tuesday night that Auburn had reached out. The two met the following day in his office. Bobo told Beamer he was leaving Columbia to become the Tigers’ new OC.

“I think the situation with Bobo was unique, to say the least,” Beamer emphasized. “He did what he felt was best for him and his family. As the head football coach at South Carolina, my job is to do what I feel is best for the University of South Carolina football program today and going forward in the future. That’s what I did. We wish him well.”

Bobo’s exit opened the door to bring someone to Columbia who wants to join Beamer’s “fight” to build a winner. On Monday, South Carolina introduced three of its newest coaching hires. The three additions include offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield, defensive coordinator Clayton White, and former Pelion standout Justin Stepp to coach the wide receivers.

“Guys that want to be at this place, believe in this university like I do, and understand what we can accomplish in this football program,” added Beamer, “they’re hungry. They’re driven. They have a chip on their shoulder. One of the core values I talked to the team last night [about] is gratitude, and these three guys are certainly grateful to be here.”

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