‘Instant crying’: Reaction to Pres. Trump signing relief, funding bill into law

Updated: Dec. 27, 2020 at 10:57 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With news of President Trump signing a COVID-19 relief and government funding bill into law, millions of Americans will again have access to pandemic-related benefits.

“Instant crying and happy,” said Alan Winninger.

Late Sunday, President Trump signed into law another COVID-19 relief bill giving those who depend on unemployment benefits a sigh of relief.

The signing came a day after the benefits expired.

“From a standpoint of me being a single business owner and a single father with an autistic son, it impacts my life instantly,” Winninger said.

Across the Carolinas, families say the benefits are key to providing for their home during the pandemic.

“Bills, food, putting clothes on my kids,” said Terry Kincaid.

With the uncertainty, Kincaid -- a single father -- says he was looking at all of his options.

“Trying to find a little side stuff to do...make it last,” he said.

In South Carolina, former small business owner Ray Lewis is looking forward to getting unemployment help.

He told WIS-TV, his gas has been shut off since Thanksgiving.

“If it did get signed today, I’d have some type of hope,” he said. “If I had some type of unemployment, that would at least help my household.”

As the holiday season wraps up, their message to lawmakers is to remember the millions in need.

“They don’t know what we’re going through. They don’t have the problem; they’re getting their check. We’re the ones out here hurting, the lower class,” Kincaid added.

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