Scott posts Facebook photo as he receives COVID-19 vaccine

Scott posts Facebook photo as he receives COVID-19 vaccine
U.S. Sen. Tim Scott posted a photo of himself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. (Source: Facebook)

WASHINGTON (WCSC) - U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina says he received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Republican senator posted a photo of himself receiving the vaccine on his Facebook page Monday.

“At the recommendation of the Office of the Attending Physician and the Continuity of Government plan, I received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,” the post states.

Scott reported no side effects, adding it is “very similar to the flu shot.”

Scott’s post states current estimates show 100 million Americans will be vaccinated over the next few months, “as the approved vaccines are very safe and effective.”

On Saturday, Sen. Lindsey Graham posted photos of his vaccination on Twitter.

“If enough of us take it, we will get back to normal lives,” he said in the tweet. “Help is on the way.”

First Congressional District Rep.-Elect Nancy Mace, who defeated incumbent Rep. Joe Cunningham in November, said on Twitter she believes the U.S. Congress should not be among the first in line.

“Congress shouldn’t be putting themselves first in line for the COVID-19 vaccination when the average American can’t get it,” Mace, who is also a Republican, posted on Twitter.

Mace says she has already had COVID-19 and knows how serious of an illness it can be, but she wants to “prioritize healthcare and frontline workers, and every person at greater risk, especially the elderly.”

She did say she intends to get the vaccine when it becomes available to her.

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