Former Va. Tech coach Beamer filled with pride seeing son land ‘dream job’ with Gamecocks

Former Va. Tech coach Beamer filled with pride seeing son land ‘dream job’ with Gamecocks

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Newly hired Gamecocks head football coach Shane Beamer has worked alongside some of the game’s greats. Perhaps none more influential than his father, the legendary Virginia Tech head coach, Frank Beamer.

“I had a pretty good indication early on that he might be a football coach,” said the elder Beamer.

Shane was always around the sidelines of his dad’s teams since he was a young boy. Frank said that he did not know at the time his son would grow up to become such a good football coach. What he’s most proud of is how his son, Shane, treats people.

Beamer believes his 43-year-old son, Shane, has all the makings of a great coach as he begins running his first program.

“What I think you need to be a good football coach, he’s already got,” said Beamer. “It’s not like he has to develop it now.”

Frank Beamer knows what it takes to win. He spent 29 seasons at Virginia Tech, leading the Hokies to 23 consecutive bowl games starting in his seventh season. What it takes to sustain excellence begins with investing in your players.

“You got to care about your players,” said Beamer. “They got to know it and he [Shane] does that. You got to have respect for your players and their beliefs. He does that and already knows that.”

“He’s got the background,” continued Beamer. ”The players got to know you know what you’re talking about. That what you’re teaching them can help them play better and reach their goals. He’s extremely knowledgeable.”

Beamer points to Shane’s experiences as a contributing factor to his grasp of the game. The younger Beamer spent 21 seasons as an assistant on some of the best coaching staffs in all of college football. It included a four-year stint in Carolina working for legendary Steve Spurrier and serving most recently as the assistant head coach at Oklahoma on Lincoln Riley’s staff.

What fascinates Beamer is that Shane worked his way up the ladder without any assistance from dad.

“He’s made all these great stops and be with great people, and he’s done it on his own,” added Beamer. “He’s sold himself and has the personality to close the deal.”

Shane’s personality includes a tremendous drive to succeed, which started back in his playing days as a deep snapper.

“He worked hard to become the snapper,” Beamer stated. “I can remember us being at the lake in the summer, and I’d go out every day. He’d have to snap 50 or 100 perfect. If he got to 49 and had a bad snap, we’d go back to zero. He worked hard at becoming a really good snapper. He didn’t have great athletic ability, but he had good football sense. His knowledge was great. You never saw him not hustle and giving it his best.”

Shane’s work ethic as a player translated to his passion to coach. Beamer recalls when they worked together at Virginia Tech that Shane was always the first one in and last one out of the office.

“He’s worked hard to be a good football coach and a good recruiter,” Beamer said. “He’s put in his time. He’s absolutely made me tremendously proud of who he is, what he is, and how he is.”

Beamer was elated when Shane reached out to share the news that he landed his dream job as South Carolina’s head football coach. The emotions poured out of dad when he finally heard the news

“After all the crying, shouting, and getting off the floor, it was amazing,” said Beamer. “You dream you’ll hear that sometime. To see it happen, and happen in a place that Shane really wanted to go to. Happen this early in his career is amazing.”

Beamer and his wife watched the introductory press conference on Monday with great pride.

“Between my wife crying, cheering, smiling, it’s been such a great feeling to see him be successful and how well he handles himself,” Beamer said. “I’m just very proud of him. I think he’s prepared for this for a long time. I know he’s got in his mind what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. He’s his own guy. He will listen to other people. I think he feels, and I feel, he’s got good ideas himself.”

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