Questions about COVID-19 vaccine? We’ve got answers

The vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna could get federal approval by December.
The vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna could get federal approval by December.(Source: (Caroline Hicks, WBTV))
Updated: Dec. 4, 2020 at 7:33 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With a COVID-19 vaccine possibly days away from distribution across the Carolinas, there are many questions that still remain.

“I do have small concerns about the efficacy and safety,” said Jenn Kirk.

Kirk says she is excited about the possibility of taking a vaccine.

“The side effects. I guess it’s concerning that most vaccines take like four to six years to develop and this is such a short time,” said Lindsey Miller.

“Side effects. What does it really help out with?” asked Robert Goldschmidt.

Tryon Medical Partners CEO Dr. Dale Owen explained what effects you could feel after taking a vaccine.

“More likely to have sensitivity at the site of injection, some redness or soreness there. Sometimes muscle aches or low-grade temperate from around one or two days. That’s been the main group of symptoms,” said Owen.

He says both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have proven to be effective during testing.

“We actually participated in Moderna trial. We know that their effectiveness at this stage has been at about 95 percent,” he said.

There was also questions about the process. Should anyone be leery?

“There has been a very, very strict culture around these vaccine trials to make sure they’re being properly. I have full faith in what we’ve seen so far,” Owen said.

Roberta and Les Farnum says they will be getting a vaccine when available.

“After we get vaccinated, how free will we be to move around? Will be masked not masked?” Roberta Farnum asked.

“Very curious about how they plan to distribute it locally,” Les Farnum added.

Health officials say even if someone gets a vaccine to still practice social distancing and wearing a mask.

Owen says a vaccine is just weeks away.

“I think we’ll see this vaccine in Mecklenburg County within the next couple of weeks. We hope to see it ourselves with Tryon, with our patients, hopefully this month. But I anticipate certainly by next month,” he said.

Priority for any vaccine will be given to healthcare workers, COVID responders and long-term care staff members.

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