Mistaken Goodwill donation has son on Christmastime hunt for mother’s beloved skillet

Mistaken Goodwill donation has son on Christmastime hunt for mother’s beloved skillet
He's calling Goodwill stores all over the Upstate and Midlands hoping to track it down. (Source: NBC12)

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WYFF) - A Greenville man is sending out a Christmas alert and wants anyone who has or will shop at a Goodwill store to be on the lookout for a family heirloom: a cast-iron skillet.

Stuart Dodson told WYFF News 4 that his 82-year-old-father mistakenly donated his 81-year-old mother’s old, beloved cast-iron skillet to Goodwill at 1902 Woodruff Road the Friday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 20.

“I am calling around to all Upstate (and) Midlands S.C. Goodwill stores to see if I can recover this needle in a haystack, Dodson said.

“This item has immense sentimental value as my mom grew up in a farmhouse with a wood stove in North Carolina. This skillet was what her mother cooked with on that wood stove. My mother has moved this skillet from Greenville to Hilton Head to Greenville.”

The skillet was a Griswold brand with a lid, measuring 10-to-11.5-inches wide. Dodson said it could have been a No. 8, No. 9 or No. 10 in skillet size.

He said the skillet needed work and needed to be cleaned up, and he realizes he is searching for a “needle in a haystack,” but is holding out hope that someone comes through for his mother.

Dodson is offering to reimburse the the price paid for the skillet and pay a “finder’s fee,” if returned.

Anyone with information is asked to email Stuartdodson.21@gmail.com.

When asked why the skillet means so much to his mother, Dodson said he guessed that it means quality, childhood, memories, family and history.

“My mother is a woman who values quality and appreciates what she has been granted and earned,” Dodson explained. “From humble farm beginnings, she has always been a Southern host who seeks to provide, present, accommodate, and serve. She had recently unpacked this skillet and was preparing to clean it and season it because she has a gas grill top. This piece of the family, an heirloom really, would have been wonderful to maintain, preserve. and pass on.”

Dodson said he wants to find the skillet to help his parents’ “December turn merry.”

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