Swinney takes final shot at FSU before moving on to prepare for Pitt

Swinney takes final shot at FSU before moving on to prepare for Pitt
Dabo Sweeney walks onto the field during Clemson's game vs. Notre Dame on November 7, 2020. (Source: Notre Dame Athletics)

CLEMSON, S.C. (WIS) - Dabo Swinney wants to put the Clemson-FSU saga behind him and focus on the next game.

Well, the COVID controversy lingers.

On Monday, Florida State’s head coach Mike Norvell said coaches are not doctors. Norvell trusts his medical team. Swinney agrees with that sentiment but goes full stop on trusting the Seminoles’ administration.

“We’re not doctors,” said Swinney. “I’m not trying to be a doctor. I just listen to the doctors. I’m not really worried about what they say down in Tallahassee. That’s for sure. I’ve been in this league 18 years, been the head coach here 12. They’ve had three head coaches in four years. So, the decisions that they make, I’m not going to worry about advice from Tallahassee. I trust the people here.”

It’s another parting shot delivered following last Saturday’s last-minute postponement after a Friday test from a Tigers’ player that traveled with came back positive for the virus. Swinney believes strongly in the protocols laid out by Clemson’s medical group.

“I know we met the standard to play last week, and we didn’t play,” added Swinney. “We’ve played eight games. We hadn’t had any issues all year. What’s supposed to cancel a game changed.”

Swinney also sticks with his opinion that the FSU game should count as a Seminoles forfeit.

“Because we met the standard to play,” Swinney exclaimed. “We even offered to play Saturday (night), Sunday, Monday. In my opinion, we did everything we could. Our medical group was 1,000% on board with playing the game.”

Feelings on the matter aside, Clemson’s eyes focus on what’s in front of them.

As soon as FSU scratched the game, the team began watching film on Pittsburgh in Tallahassee. A windshield mentality keeps the Tigers driving ahead toward the goal of making the ACC title game.

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