Pfizer to test COVID-19 vaccine distribution in 4 states

(CNN) – Pfizer is planning to test distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate in four states.

The company chose Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico and Tennessee due to their differences in size, population diversity and immunization infrastructure.

The experimental vaccine has excited health officials because Pfizer’s preliminary data indicates it’s more than 90% effective.

Distributing it, however, may prove challenging.

The vaccine must be stored at a temperature lower than what standard freezers can produce. It also requires two doses spaced three weeks apart to be effective.

If the vaccine receives the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer will produce 100 million doses of it for the federal government at a price of $1.95 billion.

The government will also have the option to purchase up to 500 million more doses.

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