Lexington One weighs increasing in-person days for high schoolers amid COVID-19, other transitions

Lexington One weighs increasing in-person days for high schoolers amid COVID-19, other transitions

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Lexington School District One is in a period of transition as it grapples with COVID-19.

It’s self-reporting that, as of Monday, 19 students have an active case of the virus. Currently, 273 students cannot attend school because of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.

On Monday, the district began bringing back sixth-graders for in-person learning four days a week, with seventh- and eighth-graders starting on Nov. 16.

Superintendent Dr. Greg Little said transitioning high schoolers back remains a challenge.

“Part of our work will be, we’re taking this step with our middle school students. We want to make sure our safety checks work. We want to begin to look at, what are the challenges associated with bringing back high school students if we’re trying to do that in December, and how that might look,” he said. “We’re still having those conversations, it’s unclear yet if we’re going to be able to do that this semester.”

Currently, Lexington One high school students are on an A/B hybrid schedule (in-person twice a week) or learning online.

Little said high school athletics has increased the spread of the virus in that age group.

DHEC is reporting 58 high schoolers in the district have tested positive since it began tallying cases in schools.

“We’ve limited the number of spectators at venues, the seasons are often truncated. We’re working right now with our winter sports, especially with wrestling and basketball to put in more safety mitigating factors as well,” Little said. “So, we try to do the best we can to make sure we minimize risk every day for our students who are participating in extra-curricular activities.”

So far, at least three high school football teams in the district have had to change their schedule due to COVID-19.


Irmo Pediatrician Dr. Karen Pollock echoed concern about athletics.

“We have had a little bit more normality of life when it comes to sports; however, the schools again have done a very good job screening the patients, and trying to keep them as far apart as possible,” she said.

The district told WIS it has 27,190 students enrolled.

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