Graham comes to Trump’s defense on election lawsuits, says evidence is coming

Updated: Nov. 6, 2020 at 8:11 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The nation’s eyes have turned to Pennsylvania as Vice President Joe Biden pulled ahead of President Donald Trump in the battleground state that could decide the outcome of the election.

In recent days, Trump’s campaign has launched a series of lawsuits in various states, including Pennsylvania, questioning the integrity of the election.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has come to the president’s defense, announcing Thursday night that he was pledging $500,000 from his campaign to the Trump campaign’s court battles.

The senator held a virtual press conference Friday to speak about the election results that still hang in the balance, Trump’s messaging, and his own resounding re-election.

Graham stressed he believes Trump can garner enough votes to win Arizona and Georgia without pursuing a legal battle, but also said if the Trump campaign finds specific voter irregularities, they should be able to take their case before a judge.

“Democracy depends upon fair elections,” Graham said. “President Trump’s team is going to have the chance to make a case regarding voting irregularities. They deserve a chance to make that case. I’m going to stand with President Trump. If you’re a Democrat and doing this, it would be cheered on! And we are not going to let the media intimidate us from exploring whether these contests were fairly had.”

Graham also said he stands behind the Trump campaign’s legal challenge in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada, but stressed that they need to point out specific cases of voter irregularity.

“They are looking through the voter files now,” Graham said. “Did people vote who were not legal residents of Pennsylvania? Did people vote who were dead? I think those type of things are in the offering, but it has to be specific.”

It’s important to point out that to this point, there has been nothing specific -- or any evidence of voting problems or irregularities.

President Trump has come under criticism for claims made during a press conference Thursday night questioning the integrity of the election without giving evidence.

“But we think there will be a lot of litigation because we can’t have an election stolen like this,” Trump said from the White House.

Graham said those specific cases are coming.

“I spoke to the Trump campaign this morning,” Graham said. “I would expect, in the next 48 hours, specific examples of voter irregularities, but it would be incumbent on the Trump campaign to make that case.”

Graham said if Biden wins, he will work with a Biden administration on ways to make the country stronger.

“It’s going to be awhile until this presidential race is decided, but I am confident that the 2020 election will end,” Graham said. “It ends in one of two ways: a concession by a candidate or a court challenge that is resolved. And I’ll accept the results of any court if they are called upon to make decisions. Then we’ve got to look forward and not backwards.”

Graham said he looks forward to the fresh start a new term will bring.

The senator stressed that another election result that still hangs in the balance is Georgia’s Senate seats, which are likely heading for a runoff that will determine whether Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

Graham said he would go and campaign in Georgia there if needed to urge Republican voters to remember what’s at stake if Republicans lose that majority.

Sen. Tim Scott made a statement on Facebook and Twitter regarding election procedures, saying:

“Every legally cast vote should be and will be counted, period. Any voting irregularities and allegations of fraud must be thoroughly vetted and investigated, and I would encourage anyone with concrete evidence of either to come forward. This week has shown us that transparency must be increased - for example, the situation in Philadelphia limiting poll watchers' access is concerning. I also hope we learn lessons on making this process more efficient; if we can put a man on the moon, we can get all our non-military votes counted within 72 hours.”

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